Monday, May 29, 2017

Mommy Mondays: Extracurriculars

Like most other parents, I want my kids to be well rounded.  Involved in school, arts, and sports. Which means that they need to be enrolled in those categories.  School comes along naturally, and I think they're a little young for a lot of artistic endeavors.  So physical activity is the first thing on the list.

We started both boys off with swimming.

This was practical too, because it's a good skill to have for safety reasons.  But it's also a weekly physical activity.  Their first introduction to "sport."  It's also an easy pick because there aren't a lot of options for the under 1 set.  Soccer is pretty popular for this age group, but by us, soccer was just running around a field, which we didn't feel the need to pay money for.  We do lots of running around a field on our own.

Thatkid started baseball and soccer at 4.

We're still debating about whether we want to start Thatbaby with baseball at 3, or hold off a bit.  There's nothing cuter than a 3 year old on the field, but it's extra running around and schedule management for us.

Which brings me to my current wishful ideology.  I'm not sure how long it's going to work, but for as long as possible I want to be a "1 sport a season" family.  With two boys, each of whim are going to be involved on different teams, with different schedules, I'd like to minimize the running around town as much as I'm able.   And I want to be able to attend as many games as possible.

Right now, both kids are still pretty limited by age as to what they can do.  Which is helpful.  Baseball season is over, and both of them can participate in swim lessons.  Thatkid has lessons at 10:30, Thatbaby has lessons at 11:00.  Which means only one hour at the pool a week.  We're planning on continuing this through the summer until soccer season starts in the fall.  And since Thatbaby is still too young for "real" soccer, he'll be back to watching from the sidelines.

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  1. Totally agree with 1 sport a season mentality! I was not super athletic as a kid but my sister was on SO MANY TEAMS and whenever there were seasons that overlapped it was sheer chaos!