Sunday, March 05, 2017

Sunday Runday: Deep Breaths

There are ways in which running doesn't let you lie.  It becomes a sort of truth serum. 

Like when you're under the weather. 

This past week I've been exhausted.  But I chalked it up to working a ton, and sleeping not a ton. 

And then I went for my after-work run. 

It only took a tenth of a mile before I was gasping for breath, my heart racing, my throat burning.  So my exhaustion?  Probably due to being sick, not just being tired. 

It's funny how much a little cold can impact your running.  It's mild enough where I have no runny nose, no cough, no sore throat, but I feel it instantly under exertion.  Which actually does make sense given my exercise induced asthma.    So this past week has been filled with miserable runs.  Not miserable enough to throw in the towel, but feeling like I was running through water carrying bags of sad kind of miserable.  In addition to the whole tight chest, burning throat fun.

But during the week, my runs are pretty short.  Easy enough to suffer through.  I was really concerned about my long run this weekend.  So I resorted to using a running aid.  My inhaler.

This is one of those times I admit to being ridiculous.  I have an inhaler.  I am supposed to take that inhaler every time before I run.  I take it never.  I keep it with me, just in case, but I never feel like I need it. 

But after these past few runs this week, well, you know what they say about desperate times.  So before I left the house, I took a couple puffs.  And it was like I was a different person altogether.

No difficulty breathing, no tight chest, no burning throat, no racing heart.  It made me realize how silly I've been by not using my inhaler.  Even when I'm not sick.  Sometimes I guess you need to be dumb, in order to get smarter. 


  1. I'm glad you got your run in without a problem. I think it's easy for all of us to assume we don't need help - good for you for realizing you'd be better off with an inhaler!

  2. GOOD FOR YOU. I am notoriously bad about taking preventative medication (ironically), but it really can make a difference!