Monday, March 13, 2017

Mommy Mondays: 21 Months

Weight: 27lbs 6oz (+ 19 lbs, 2 oz) (from 18 months)
Height: 35"(+ 13") (from 18 month)
Head: 19" (from 18 months)

Sleep: I feel bad and whiney - things here are pretty much the same.  I remember when he used to sleep through the nights sometimes.  Now a good night he only wakes once.  He is doing a great job of naps at preschool, which has always been true.  I just wish he didn't always wake up crying.

Eating: This month he's all about the oranges.  And raisins.  And oatmeal.  And waffles.  And yogurt.  This kid loves to eat.  He nurses before bed and usually once during the night. 

Best Moment: Thatbaby has learned trickery.  When we were at the aquarium earlier this month we were watching the sharks when he grabbed him arm and yelled "OWSH!"  He grinned and pointed at one of the sharks.  "Did that shark bite you?"  "Yeah.  OWSH!"  and then he looked at me and said "Tick you!"

Monthly Wisdom: We're dealing with a lot of hitting, pushing, biting, right now.  Which is really difficult to deal with, but I remind myself this is just a stage.  It's his way of expressing frustration.  Right now, he is finally able to express what he wants, and hasn't quite figured out that just because he wants something doesn't mean he gets it.  As he gets older, he'll get better at communicating. And he'll develop a better understanding of wants, needs, and compromises.  Until then, its all about redirecting and removing him from the situation.

Goals for the Upcoming Month:
- More sleep

Things Thatbaby is doing:
- "Mine" and "My turn" are now regular parts of his vocabulary.
- He loves to "dress up" and dance to music.
- He counts.  "Twooooo,  Niiiiine,  Twooooo, Niiiiine."
- He is very very very into animals and knows so many of them by name.  He can also do most of their noises.
- He also loves trucks.  He has a truck book he reads over and over again.
- He started preschool!  The first day he cried and his teacher cried.  But after that they said they've never seen such a fast transition.  They also said they've never seen a kid quite like him.  He is quiet and sneaky.  So very sneaky.  They'll turn around and he'll be missing, off somewhere getting into trouble.
- He can do somersaults
- He has figured out puzzles.  I swear it happened within a week.
- He can buckle himself into his carseat.  At least the top buckle.


  1. I love the counting: "Twooo, Niiiine." So cute!

  2. Kids doing somersaults is the funniest thing ever! He's gotten so big!!!

  3. I'm with you on hoping for some sleep soon. It has to happen someday!