Monday, June 29, 2015

Mommy Mondays: The First Few Weeks with Thatbaby


Thatbaby continues to be my oppo-baby in almost every aspect. 

* While Thatkid was induced and I was in the hospital from Friday-Monday, Thatbaby came on his own, and quickly!  Went into the hospital Tuesday morning and were discharged Wednesday afternoon.
* Almost a pound bigger than Thatkid, and measuring an inch and a half longer, he's a bigger boy. In fact, Thatkid stayed in newborn clothes and newborn diapers until he was 6 weeks old.  Thatbaby is slightly under 3 weeks and we've moved him to size 1 diapers and with his length, we have a problem since he's too tall for anything newborn with feet, but still too small for 0-3 months.
* Unlike his older brother, Thatbaby doesn't have even a touch of jaundice.
* My breastfeeding struggles the first time around involved  Thatkid's laziness.  He was such a sleepy baby it took forever to wake him and get him to eat.  It took over 2 weeks for him to regain birthweight.  Thatbaby is an avid eater.  He latched right away and took to breastfeeding like a champ - surpassing his birthweight in a little over a week.
* Once Thatkid got over his early sleepiness, he stopped sleeping.  He would sleep, only when held, and hardly ever at night.  Thatbaby is a phenomenal sleeper.  He sleeps all the time, can be put down once asleep, and he gives me fabulous chunks at night.  Which is not to say we don't have nights where he's up every 2 hours, but more often we get a 4-6 hour chunk at the beginning of the night.

The only  thing both my sons have in common, other than the way they look, is that neither of them is big fans of the car.  Both scream their heads off in the carseat.  Which is ridiculously unfun.  It's also been hard because when Thatkid was a baby, we pretty much could hang out at home for weeks.  This time around, we're far more active, because we have Thatkid who isn't happy just hanging out at home.  Plus, Thatboy goes back to work this week.  Wish me luck this week!

Thatbaby weighs: 8lbs 7oz
Next Appointment: Thursday, July 2
Sleep: Getting a lot less sleep overall this time around.  Thatbaby usually goes to bed at the same time as Thatkid - around 8pm, although lately it's been later because we've been out till later.  I should go to bed shortly after, but I never do.  He wakes up around 12-1am, and then again around 3:30/4am, and then 6am, when Thatkid also wakes up.  And when I usually get up too.
Best moment this week: Saturday I pretty much spent the whole day on the couch, feeding and napping with Thatbaby.  It's so lame that it's the best moment of the week, but really, we've been going nonstop and I'm exhausted!
*Thatbaby is starting to focus on our faces.
* Pretty sure we're going through the 3 week growth spurt.  There's a lot of feeding going on!


  1. I can see that he is a happy baby :D

  2. He's such a sweetheart!! Absolutely adorable.