Thursday, June 11, 2015

A Homemade Life: Bread and Chocolate

I think every blogger has a recipe that isn't really a recipe.  More like "you should mix these things together and eat them if you have common sense."  I have this thought every time I post a smoothie recipe, which really is nothing more than a list of ingredients.  Everyone knows how to make a smoothie in general terms - put things in a blender and press mix.

This is Wizenberg's non-recipe recipe.  Because really, it's just chocolate placed in a piece of bread.  I have a similar recipe that involves peanut butter and a piece of toast. 

The idea only sounds novel, until you stop and think about it.  Because really, chocolate goes with just about anything.  And the French do know how to do bread and chocolate.  While I never had this variation while in Paris, dunking a baguette in some hot chocolate was something I did on a regular basis. 

Bread and Chocolate (From A Homemade Life)
French style bread
dark chocolate
  1. Tear off a hunk of bread.  Slice or tear it across the middle, as though using it for a sandwich.
  2. Break off a piece of chocolate roughly the same length as the bread and insert the chocolate into the bread.

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