Wednesday, April 24, 2013

A Week in a Weekend

WHEW.  I'm still recovering from my "easy-no-plans-weekend."  Isn't that always the case?  We have nothing planned this weekend!  We can just hang out and relax!  And get done the million and one errands that need to get done.  So what did I do this weekend?


- Went for a 3 mile run.
- Got my oil changed.
- Picked up a trash can for recycling.  It's amazing that 6 years with a dog we never had to worry about covering our garbage can. 1 1/2 years with a toddler means everything needs a cover or your empty beer bottles and chicken broth boxes will find their way into his hands.
- Went to 3 grocery stores! (Trader Joes, Supermarket, Asian Market)

 -  When I got home from the errands, it was time to kick it into high gear in the kitchen.  M just had her second boy!  He's adorable and the mirror image of his older brother.  Meaning the exact opposite.  A dark mop of hair instead of hair so blonde it's invisible.  I think he looks more like M.  I used the weekend to make a boatload of food for them to drop off this week.

A roast chicken, so they can use it for whatever they want - salads, tacos, pasta, so versatile!

 A pasta dish, because it freezes so well.  I made chicken tetrazzini.

And chili, which also freezes well.  I love packing in a soup, stew or chili.

- Of course, I couldn't make all that food for someone else and leave us hungry.  So I made crabs with marinara for dinner.


- I finished up my care package with some peanut butter banana muffins, so they have a quick easy breakfast.  Especially since M is breastfeeding, so one-handed food is key.

- I pulled the muffins from the oven and we headed out to the beach.  I went on a 4.5 mile run, with a great view.  I haven't done a good beach run since I was training for a half. So this was nice.

While I ran, my boys kept themselves occupied.

When I met up with them, they were playing a little ball.

Thatboy said it was difficult keeping Thatbaby out of the water.

He wasn't kidding.  Thatbaby LOVES swimming.  He didn't care that he wasn't in his swim suit.

- We came home, and while Thatbaby napped, I headed back in the kitchen.  Thatboy asked me to make some cookies for Administration Assistant Appreciation day at his work.  So I baked some oatmeal raisin walnut pecan cookies.

I also packed our lunches for Monday, and roasted a duck with potatoes for Monday night's dinner.

- When Thatbaby woke up from his nap, we brought him to the other new playground.  The one that's closer to our place.  He had a fantastic time even though he looks miserable in all these pictures.

My biggest complaint about this playground is that they took out the baby swings with the renovation and only put in big kid swings.   But Thatbaby made it work.

And Thatbaby got a grandma surprise!  Thatmom came down to join us and head to dinner.

- We headed to a new restaurant we've been dying to try from my favorite San Diego chef.

They had live music, so our little dance master was anxious to bust a move.

- And then Thatmom headed home, while we headed to try out a new ice cream place.  It's like Coldstone, where you can mix and match flavors and toppings.  But unlike Coldstone, all the mixing is done in a liquid state, and then the ice cream is frozen with liquid nitrogen!

- We came home and put Thatbaby to bed.  Then I headed back into the kitchen once more, for more cookies, this time applesauce cookies!

- And after I pulled them from the oven - I went to bed.  Almost.  Thatboy and I folded laundry and THEN I went to bed.  Because I deserved it.


  1. I love how you balance time for you (running) vs doing things for others. I could definitely take a leaf out of your book!

  2. Wow... what a great and busy weekend!! =)

  3. Wow you got a LOT done. It is really crazy how the most "laid-back" weekends always end up being the busiest!

  4. You did deserve it. That was a jam packed weekend.

  5. That is so nice of you to make all of the food for M.

  6. I'm tired reading this!! The food looks delicious - I remember how awesome it was to have ready to go food in those early baby weeks. You're a saint!