Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Vancouver Eats and a Present for YOU!

Like the rest of our Vancouver trip, we blended our eating with old and new.

Saturday morning we woke up and headed back to Granville Island, since that was such a hit last time. We stocked up on bread, pastries, cookies, fruits, cheeses, and anything else that struck our eye. And because our trips tend to revolve around food, we headed back to the hotel to grab lunch across the street at Japadog - something I had missed out on during the last trip.

Japa dog is a Vancouver institution. It's not a huge menu, and if you couldn't tell by the name, they sell hotdogs.

But not just any hotdogs.

(Well the one on the left is a regular hot dog - that's Thatmom's) Thatboy had their brand new specialty - the spicy dog with lettuce and chili sauce.

I had the Oroshi - Bratwurst topped with grated radish, green onion, and cole slaw.

They were also debuting their new Shaken Fries. So we had to try those too.

For another new treat, we tried out Cin Cin. Although the food was delicious, we weren't won over by the atmosphere which made us feel like we were right back in Los Angeles. At one of those places where people go to be "seen" which isn't really our "scene."

Thatboy had the saddle of rabbit wrapped in prosciutto with sage, morel mushrooms, peas and
ricotta gnudi. It was amazing. Rich, tender and flavorful.

Thatmom debated between pizza and a pasta. She went with the buffalo mozzarella filled cappelletti with brown butter, prosciutto di parma and sage. She was so glad she decided on this. There is really not much better than buffalo mozzarella, am I right?

Surprise, surprise, I went with gnocchi! Specifically truffled gnocchi with peas, carrots, morel mushrooms, and pancetta. It was completely wonderful. I love the use of fresh seasonal veggies.

And speaking of fresh and seasonal, we returned to Bishops because it is one of the best restaurants I've ever eaten at. Last time we were there, I debated about buying one of John Bishop's cookbooks. I didn't, figuring I could always pick it up another time. I've been kicking myself almost two years! That book is hard to find here in the states. I'm no fool, I don't make the same mistake twice. This time I picked up a copy of "Simply Bishops."

AND I got a second copy for you! Because there's nothing I like better than sharing the love. And I seriously love John Bishop. I love how he makes guests at his restaurant feel like they are guests in his home. I love the fresh, seasonal, and local philosophy. In fact I was talking to one of the managers at the restaurant who recommended several of the recipes in this book and talked about how John is always quick with a seasonal substitute when necessary.

So how can you get your hands on my second copy? Just leave a comment. You can tell me about your favorite ingredient you're looking forward to using this summer. Your favorite vacation restaurant. Or you can just name one of the many reasons you are madly in love with me. I'll give you a week. Next Tuesday I'll pick a winner and announce it on Wednesday. Good luck to all!


  1. Love Granville Island so much! We also picked up fruits, cheeses and meats, and a bottle of wine. Took the ferry back across and had a nice sunset picnic.

  2. Mmmm - Hot Dogs! Let's see, I think I'm most looking forward to summer eggplant. I have recently realized how much I love it, but didn't get a chance to eat it enough last summer while it was in season.

  3. Buffalo mozzarella would definitely be on my last-meal-ever list. I'd just want a few balls of it.

    Favorite summer ingredient...heirloom tomatoes. Love them.

  4. My favorite summer ingredients are currently garlic spears. I'm sure that'll change next time I hit up the farmers market, though.

    Alternatively, the mini donuts we get there would be my favorite. But they're not so much an ingredient . . . : )

  5. Oh vacation sounds amazing, particularly Vancouver. It's somewhere I've always wanted to go!

  6. I love you because you are naming your child after me.

    Kidding. I LOVE the german food at a bed and breakfast in GA that we sometimes frequent.

  7. Love Japadog, Granville Island and the food at Cin Cin's is phenomenal. Haven't tried Bishops, but based on your review..I will!

  8. Favorite summer food would be summer fruit and I am hoping to make a few pies to freeze for the winter. Blueberry and peach are on my list.
    Vancouver was great!
    Favorite thing about you is your enthusiasm.

  9. Can I put my least favorite thing about you? YOU LIVE TOO FAR AWAY!!!
    Favorite summer ingredient - fresh berries!

  10. Thanks for the giveaway opportunity!!
    1. Favorite ingredient I'm looking forward to this summer-tomatoes, basil, and mint
    2. Favorite vacation restaurant-any that serves local booze and ingredients
    3. Why I'm madly in love with you-you keep running even though you have the crappiest ankles in southern cali and no one makes a better shopping list/weekly menu plan better than you!

  11. Excellent giveaway! It's so tough for me to pick just one summer ingredient, but when forced, I'd have to go with peaches. I can't wait to get to South Carolina this summer and bite into a juicy peach from a roadside farm stand!

    p.s. Your challah comment cracked me up :-)

  12. I'm glad that you're eating you way around Vancouver.I have read that they now have food trucks that I am dying to try one of these days. At Granville Island I live the fish and chips!!!!!