Friday, June 10, 2011

Not a kid anymore

"The benefit to working all day on a Saturday, is that you can take off a day in the middle of the week."

That was what Thatboy said to me when I returned from my morning run yesterday and my mouth dropped open to see him sitting in the living room in jeans and a t-shirt.

I was surprised for two reasons. The first is that, per schedule, Thatboy should have left for work 20 minutes earlier. (This happens when I go for runs longer than 2 miles now that my pace has slowed considerably)

The second reason was, yesterday was my birthday. And I had pretty much cancelled it. The whole "getting older" thing doesn't bother me, but my birthdays are notoriously awful and this one was turning out to be no different. My brilliant plan to share in celebration with Prez (like we do every year since our birthdays are so close) turned into me driving around our friends while they wine tasted. Not the best celebration for me. And since all our out-of-town friends came down for that weekend, they weren't planning on coming again a couple weeks later. So I started my pity party early. Then I got some really bad news last week and frankly just didn't feel like celebrating. "Let's celebrate my birthday December 9" I told family and friends. "In 6 months, I'm sure I'll be in a better mood."

So my surprise at seeing my husband waiting for me is a bit understandable. "Go take a shower while I make you breakfast." He told me. "Then we're heading to a spa for the day. Your bag is already packed. How do you want your eggs?"

So I did as I was told. I took a shower and ate my breakfast and we headed to the spa.

I had a couple of treatments set up, but we had a little time to kill so Thatboy and I changed into our robes and headed to the "Relaxation Room" for a bit.

The Relaxation Room was a pregnant woman's paradise. There were giant chairs and ottomans for me to prop my feet up. There was fresh fruit in baskets. There was hot tea, iced tea, and lots and lots of water.

I got comfy in a chair while Thatboy fixed me some tea.

We split up while I got my treatments and Thatboy headed to the sauna and the hot tub. And I was declared the most energetic pregnant woman ever based on my ability to both lie on my back during the body wrap AND sit up. Which is funny to me, because neither of those seem like especially difficult things to do.

After my treatments I headed to the pool to meet Thatboy who was doing some laps.

We had lunch by the pool. Can I just say that Rancho Bernardo Inn makes some killer lemonades? Thatboy had a blueberry honey while I had a strawberry lavender.

Thatmom came down for dinner and brought with her some pretty good presents. My loot between her and Thatboy consisted of:

Some new reading material:

A new cookbook:

A new video camera:

And that big box underneath the new camera? Why that's my brand new neon green computer!

Which is absolutely fabulous because my current computer is definitely on its dying breaths. As some of you already know because as we're chatting I'll all of a sudden disappear because my computer has unplugged and if the battery is in the computer, it won't power on. And within the last month the computer has refused to connect to the printer or allow me to reinstall the drivers. Within the last week the onboard mouse has stopped working. It was about time for an upgrade considering the last new computer I got was the summer of the Bar!

But aside from the presents, Thatmom brought down something FAR more important. My all time favorite birthday treat. Strawberry Pie.

I've never been a huge sweets person, including cake and ice cream. So growing up I always requested my mom's strawberry pie for my birthday. The past couple of years I've gotten away from that, but this year I wanted to return. And Thatmom was more than happy to oblige!

It was delicious as always. In fact, Thatboy asked if he could have a second piece, given that it was "my pie" and all.

We had some again tonight.


  1. Well talk about a way to celebrate your birthday!!!!It looks like you had a birthday that dreams are made of, relaxation at a spa, organized by your husband, you are a very lucky woman indeed!

  2. I'm actually not really a big birthday celebrator either. I'm happy to sit at home with a piece of pie. But some spa treatment would be nice also. Happy birthday love!

  3. Happy Birthday! It is a good thing you didn't go through with moving your birthday to December - the strawberries aren't very good in December!

  4. Happy Happy Birthday! You are one lucky woman! Can your hubs call mine, pretty please?

  5. What a perfect birthday. That pie looks AWESOME. My kids think it's so weird that my favorite desserts have fruit, not chocolate. Glad I have company.

  6. Now this is what I call an awesome bday :) Belated bday wishes :) And love the pie :D