Monday, June 08, 2009

I'll never grow up

When we got back from British Columbia, Thatboy and I were so excited to have an extra day off for Memorial Day. We slept in, and when we woke up, we began planning our day. My number one "want" was a good run, since I hadn't run while we were in Canada. Thatboy wanted to hit up the beach. So our compromise was that I'd go for a run on the beach while he surfed, and then we'd hang out on the sand. I went to take Thatdog for his morning walk, and when I came home, plans changed. I collapsed on the ground, dizzy and nauseous. I couldn't move without feeling completely and totally sick. No beach for me! I spent the rest of the day on the couch running a fever and alternating between wake and sleep while Dr. Thatboy kept me covered in blankets and threatened ice baths to try to bring down my fever.

UUUUGGGHHHH I hate being sick on a day off!!!!

Luckily it was just a 24 hour bug, but I've never had one of those before so I decided the smart thing would be to stay in bed an extra day. Except the next day I felt sooo much better - and hungry!!! I didn't eat anything Memorial Day because I was so sick and asleep most of the time, so Tuesday I was ravenous. Of course, having just returned from out of town and spending the day in bed the day before there was no food in Thathouse. So I figured I would have to make do and go for one of the classic "home sick in bed" foods - a grilled cheese sandwich!

Thatboy is adamant that grilled cheese requires American cheese, but since I don't consider that real food, we don't have it in the house. Instead I used a gorgeous sharp cheddar. And since apple goes so well with cheddar I threw that on too. Besides, you know what they say about an apple-a-day! It must have worked too, because there's been no signs of sickness in Thathouse ever since.


  1. A run on the beach sounds like a great way to start a day! I live in Kansas and we have no beaches! :(

    An apple on your grilled cheese? Interesting...I may try that.

  2. yum! Sorry you were sick though. That is the worst on a day off.

  3. A grilled cheese sandwich and bowl of tomato or chicken noodle soup will cure anything:D Trust your feeling better:D

  4. boo to being sick!

    i find your use of the words "good" and "run" in the same sentence highly amusing.