Monday, December 20, 2004

Whoa Mexico, it sounds so sweet with the sun sinking low

So this has been an a-maaz-ing week. First and foremost Jon got his second interview with the OC DA (fingers crossed fingers crossed) which is not only good in itself, but it meant he got to spend 4 extra days with me! Secondly, my mom who is a knit-o-holic has found an outlet to sell her stuff and they are going like hotcakes. This means she's getting paid to do something she loves (and does even without making money) which should make anybody happy. THEN thirdly I finished my first round of finals in law school. Woo hoo! That means I am officially done with my first semester. I don't even care how I did (no that's a lie I really want to to do well) but it feels sooo good to be done!!!!
So we decided to celebrate by going to Mexico. It was a blast. There were eight of us and we stayed in a dive in Rosarito, got drunk in a dive bar (no really, there were 2 groups in the bar, and a group of locals who were doing lines and smoking joints.....right beside us. ) We had dinner in Puerto Neuvo- lobster. We had to park in front of this guy's home - a nonworking van, but he promised he'd watch our cars for us. We also went dancing at Papa's and Beers which was way different than the last time Jon and I had gone during spring break, but just as dirty. Firstly they had a bull there. "Oh a bull's not dirty" you say, but you would be wrong. They weren't trying to knock people off, but simulate sex. There were two people riding at the same time facing each other and get the picture. Then there was the nipple moment. I mean, I've seen girls flash before, but I've never seen one girl lick another girls nipples in public. Man I love Mexico.
But after a full weekend of celebration its time to get back and get ready for my trip to northern California. I only hope next week is as fun!

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