Monday, December 13, 2004

If it was fun they'd call it Disneyland and everyone would want to go

My least favorite part of studying is the fact its so boring. Especially when you have to do it all day for days on end. There should be some way to make studying fun. Like a study fairy who drops gifts from the sky to those who have their head in a book. Or if all the study aids were more like coloring books. There are practically no connect the dots in any of my crim books, outlines, or studyguides. And think how much more you would study if you could draw a maze from the murderer to the exculpatory defense which will exculpate him? I know I would learn more.
My other least favorite part of studying is the stupid review sessions. Now don't get me wrong, I need to review as much as the next guy...oh wait that's my problem... I don't need to review as much as the next guy. The next guy REALLY needs to review more. In fact he should be reviewing more on his own and not wasting our time during the review session since it appears he knows nothing! Seeeriously, I don't think you're supposed to go to the review session if you haven't done any studying or READ OVER YOUR CLASS NOTES. If you don't know why breaking into someone's workspace and killing them might consititue felony murder (hint: breaking and entering...what could that mean?) Then maybe you should be REALLY concerned about this final since we spent a month on felony murder. Or maybe you should read in your class notes where we discussed it. Or maybe you should look at the cases in the case book which deal with this exact problem. (Me thinks the study fairy might pass over this house)

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