Monday, May 04, 2015

Mommy Mondays: 35 Weeks

Like most women, I definitely suffer from disordered eating.  A lot of it ties into my anxiety disorder.  This means, when I am most stressed, I take it out on my body in very unhealthy ways.  Usually this involves restrictive eating and over-exercising.  Things like fasting all day before dinner.  Or spending 3-4 hours in the gym a day.

I've gotten better at realizing my limitations and working within them.  For instance, I don't keep a scale in the house so I don't get obsessive about numbers.  I force myself to take a break from the gym when I'm sick (this was a HUGE accomplishment for me a couple years back.)  I make myself have a morning snack of fruit.

Pregnancy is obviously a brand new stressor, with brand new worries and anxieties.  I've been really struggling to make sure I don't slip in to disordered behavior, for the good of the baby.  But this becomes pretty hard when you're getting weighed every time you see the doctor.

And this pregnancy has been harder than the last in terms of weight gain, in the sense that I've gained more, and gained more quickly than last time around.  I'm sure part of the problem is that I was able to run daily last pregnancy, while my work schedule has made that more of a difficulty this time around.  My doctor isn't concerned, so I tell myself I shouldn't be either, but that's much easier said than done.

I've been sick this week, which means my eating has been off.  Which really means my eating has been almost non-existent.  I haven't been hungry, I've been getting full really quickly when I do eat (which is partially being sick and partially probably because of this giant baby inside).  I've been trying to drink a ton of fluids, supplementing food calories with beverage calories only because they're easier to get in.  And I'm curious to see how that's going to play out when I step on the scale at my appointment.

Total weight gain/loss: +22

Next Appointment: Today!
Maternity clothes? On Monday I was so sick and tired of having to pull up my maternity jeans that I went back to wearing non-maternity with the bella band.  The nice thing about having wide hips is that my pre-pregnancy clothes don't fall down!
Stretch marks: Yup
Sleep: Really bad for most of the week, due to my cold, which makes it hard to breathe.  Got some great sleep Friday night and Saturday night though!
Best moment this week: I loved the attention I got at my race on Saturday.  Even slow, it's fun to still be able to do it.
Movement: Yes.  As usual, mostly in the evenings.  Painfully so too.  I got a rib kick so hard it took my breath away.  And I have a permanent sore spot in the middle of my torso.  I think there is definitely an internal bruise.
Food cravings: Nothing
Food aversions: Nothing
Gender: Not finding out
Belly Button in or out: In.  But it never popped last time, so I'm not expecting it to this time.
What I miss: I could really use a glass of wine.  It's been a little stressful lately.
What I am looking forward to: Girl spa day next weekend!
Contractions: None this week
-35/35: 35 weeks down, 35 days to go!
- lungs are almost fully functional.


  1. So exciting!! What will you refer to this baby as? Thatbaby#2? ThatSibling? Thatbaby graduates to Thattoddler?

  2. So exciting!! What will you refer to this baby as? Thatbaby#2? ThatSibling? Thatbaby graduates to Thattoddler?

    1. We promoted Thatbaby to Thatkid so I could reuse Thatbaby. But we're in for a stumper if we ever decide to go for a third!

  3. I am so sorry for you for catching a cold! Pregnancy makes our lived difficult, let alone if you also catch a cold! Hang in there and I hope you get well soon!

  4. I definitely am prone to disordered behaviors also, so it is totally a fear for when I do get pregnant! I think you are doing great! Most mommas-to-be gain a little faster the second time around, but you are totally within normal range!