Friday, March 13, 2015

The Very Complicated Gestation of the Girard Twins

It's easy to take things for granted.  And most of us do.  Our health, our families, they seem ever present.  We don't even think about how lucky we are to have them.

Today I'm writing, not about me, but about someone else.  A friend who has asked for help in sharing her story.  A friend whose story reminds us that we can't take anything for granted.

I've mentioned before that I wanted to wait and share my pregnancy news until after we'd heard the baby's heartbeat, and I'd moved into the second trimester because both decreased the risk of loss.  There is a sigh of relief with each of these milestones.  And, as I said in the introduction, it's easy to take things for granted. 

But there is no safety when it comes to pregnancy.  Decreased risks don't always mean you bring home a baby at the end of nine months.  One of the comforting things about decreased risk means that the majority of mothers do, but that makes it even harder on the ones that do not.  What happens when you are one of the unfortunate few?  Who do you turn to when you're part of the minority?  The resources for these women are few and far between.

I got to know Cait in the early part of our pregnancies.  Back when we were all geared up about our first appointments, anxious to hear the heartbeats signifying all was well.  And Cait had the exciting surprise of hearing not one, but two heartbeats.  Pregnant with twins.

Shortly after Christmas, Cait started having some complications related to her pregnancy.  Which resulted in hospitalization and bed rest.  It was a time of highs and lows, which she began documenting in a blog.  In part to share the graphic details with other moms going through something similar.  In part with the hope that she would one day be able to share the story of this time with her twin boys. 

Last month, Cait lost the battle she fought for daily for those boys.  Following the loss of her sons, Cait has made it her mission to help other moms going through late term loss, which comes with its own set of hurdles.  She has asked us to help share her story, which I am linking below.  She has made a video about her family, detailing the "very complicated gestation," birth, and death of her sons.  It is a story of love, of loss, of strength, of weakness.  But it is an important story.

Join me in helping to share Cait's story to help raise awareness of late term loss.

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  1. Ugh, so sad. One of my friends lost twins fairly late term recently also. They were mono-embryonic, meaning they were sharing the same embryonic sac which made their chances of survival very low. It's so tough to have to see someone go through this...I can't imagine actually going through it myself!