Monday, March 09, 2015

Mommy Mondays: 27 weeks

 This is a story with a happy ending.  But it doesn't start out that way!

As I said last week, I had my 1-hour GTT on Monday.  Last time I was pregnant, I passed the test with flying colors.  The standard cutoff is 140, although my doctor uses the more conservative 130.  With Thatkid I came in at 97. 

Monday I went in and drank the orange drink, which is almost straight sugar.  Then I went to my regular appointment, and after went back for a blood draw.  Ugh, I hate needles.  I felt awful for the rest of the day.  I crashed so hard from the sugar!

On Wednesday I saw my results were posted online.  It should be no surprise that with Oppo-baby I did not have a result of 97.  I had a result of 139.  139!   So I got the call that I needed to come in for the 3 hour GTT.  Booooo hisssssss.  Because that's 3 hours sitting in the lab.  And 4 (4!) blood draws.  Did I mention I hate needles?

Friday I went in as early as I possibly could and drank a drink that had twice as much glucose as the one on Monday.  The one that wiped me out.  The one that had my stomach queasy for the next two days.  The first hour after the drink I felt really nauseous and dizzy, the phlebotomist thought I might pass out during the second draw.  The last 2 hours I thought I might just fall asleep in the waiting room. 

Trying to be smart, I brought a snack with protein in it for after the test, a bag of almonds.  Word to the wise - bring something else, something more substantial. Between the lab and the car I lost my keys in my purse twice.  I went to CVS and when I got there I couldn't remember why and kind of wandered aimlessly trying to find the things I came for and almost started crying.  I got some food in my system and headed to work.  My boss kept asking if I was okay to drive home.  I fell asleep twice between dinner and 8:15pm.

I didn't expect to hear from the lab before Monday, but Friday night I got an email that my results had been updated.  I passed!  I couldn't believe how much I passed by.  I texted every single person I'd ever met to let them know my results. 

All my values were waaaaaaayyyyy under the reference value.  The reference value for the last blood draw is 140.  I had an 87.  It was such a good feeling I made myself a bowl of ice cream and then fell asleep!

Total weight gain/loss: +19

Next Appointment: March 20
Maternity clothes? I'm running low on shirts!  I think I'm set with pants, but I'm having a hard time finding a shirt to wear.
Stretch marks: nada.
Sleep: Same as before - fine at night, not so good in the morning.
Best moment this week: Passing the 3 hour GTT!
Movement: Yes.  This kid goes crazy at night.  Thatboy spent some time just feeling it the other night and was impressed with the ferocity and consistency.  And I'm definitely getting hiccups.
Food cravings: Nothing
Food aversions: Nothing
Gender: Not finding out
Belly Button in or out: In.  But it never popped last time, so I'm not expecting it to this time.
What I miss: I think I painted my toes for the last time this weekend.
What I am looking forward to: Working on ordering the baby's coming home outfit!
Contractions: Not this week
- No Gestational Diabetes!
- Sleep/wake cycle has developed
- breathing patterns are developing
- yawning is more coordinated
- baby's eyes are open and eyebrows and eye lashes have grown


  1. I can imagine that you must be feeling stressful going through so many blood test. In regardless, you must be relieved that you have passed the test.

  2. Coming out of the woodwork here, but having had to do the attorney/courtroom/maternity wear gig myself, I wanted to make sure you knew Ann Taylor Loft has a maternity line. Most of my work shirts came from either them or A Pea in the Pod. Not cheap, so I didn't have a lot, but it definitely made it easier to appear in front of a judge when I knew I had one nice maternity suit and a few shirts. Thankfully I was in the courtroom enough that judges knew me, so when I had to trade in my heels for more tennis shoe like footwear, they reminded me that they could make concessions for the pregnant lady, but the suit sure came in handy for a jury trial I had during that time. Good luck with the rest of your pregnancy! And congratulations on passing the most important test you'll take since the Bar exam. :)

  3. The regular GTT is bad enough!! But at least you passed the second one. My guess is that you were just nervous/not feeling well for the first and that caused your blood glucose to go up.