Sunday, February 10, 2008

Hooray for Babies, and Nobabies

Let's divide the day into 2. First will be "pro baby" then we'll get into "I'm so glad I don't have a baby." Before we begin I should preface (oh come on, you knew this was coming). I do want kids some day. I love babies. I absolutely melt when I see this:
However, I want to wait till things are settled with us first. 2 jobs, a home, some time for the two of us, travel, before we get burdened with a life that can't take care of itself and is totally dependent and can't be crated during the day. I'm also not to keen on the idea of childbirth. I'm waiting for the day when an epidural can be given without needles.

Onto part 1:

My friend Lucy is due next month. NEXT MONTH! It's hard to believe that in a few short weeks she'll be one of those women with a stroller and bags under her eyes. She's so vibrant and full of love and life I know having a baby won't slow her down, but its still weird to think about. I mean it's always weird for me when my friends have babies because I really don't think of any of us as old enough to be "moms." I doubt I ever will.

Kim and I headed to her shower yesterday which was so beautifully done. Think "shabby chic" meets "baby shower." Lucy's having a boy so everything was blue - but in subtle ways so you didn't feel like you were underwater.
Linens dotted with blue country flowers, flower arrangements dotted with subtle blue accents - almost reminiscent of the most beautiful wedding centerpieces in the world.
Baby clothes were strung on the wall - both cute AND practical. I don't think these were props - they're the real thing.
The food was great, but the highlight, as always was the Sprinkle's cupcakes. They always make any party.

If you don't believe me. Ask Kim.

Lucy scored an amazing amount of great stuff. It almost makes me want to have a baby, except for the fact all the great stuff is for the baby - and I like it better when its for me.

Kim and I went in on the gift together, trying to add a personal touch in addition to some ridiculously cute baby gear we picked up. We used the tools available to us. Kim used her brain and fine motor skills to create this adorable diaper cake:
I used Jon's mad artistic skills to create some art for the baby's room. This picture:
along with one of Lucy's maternity pictures became this:

Fitting for a baby we've nicknamed "Nemo."

Part 2:

As much as I love/want a baby, there are times when I'm so glad its just the two of us. Last night was one of those nights. To celebrate the new job, Jon and I went out to La Fondue. It was dark, it was late, and there wasn't a crying/whining/screaming sound to be heard. Tucked away in a corner booth we were able to talk about things in our lives, where we were, where we are, and where we will be. We enjoyed salad, cheese fondue, and an exotic arrangement of meats which included buffalo, alligator, and ostrich. I'm so thankful Jon is open to trying new things, and he's equally lucky with me (although I recommended both the buffalo and ostrich since I'd had them before and really enjoy them). For dessert we had dark chocolate fondue with Baily's Irish Creme - a little different than the cookies and milk most children enjoy. Nights like this with the two of us remind me why I'm not in a hurry to add third (or a fourth if you count Ringo).


  1. I am about to leave for a baby shower and I feel like you took all of the words right out of my mouth. :-)

  2. it looks like a fab shower. i am also torn between excruciating, "natural" pain and a big needle full o' relief. good thing i don't have to even think about that decision yet.

  3. amen sister! one day i'm sure a baby will sound like a swell idea, but right now? way too selfish for that, but thanks.

  4. I totally love the baby clothes ..clothesline - what a cute idea. Just for the record - the epidural and/or childbirth pale in comparison to the following 100 years :)

  5. I super hate needles and the epidural was my best friend. To me the needle was worth the sweet bliss of relief from the pain. Until they had to turn off the epidural. :/

    So which one of the shadow people was you?

  6. I'm putting your reasons to not have a kid yet blurb on my fridge. Amen.

  7. That picture of Jon with the baby is ADORABLE.

    Glad Lucy had a nice shower =)

    Yey for no screaming creatures at dinner.. lol

  8. what an adorable baby shower. so pretty, and i love using the clothes as decor. quite innovative!

    i have to say, i love when stuff is for me too, but i find that when my kids get presents, it's almost better - the bean's too little right now, but it's awesome to see the joy in the kid's eyes when she gets a really fun present. i can't wait till the bean can enjoy presents too.

  9. I'm so with you on the no baby front. Our pup is enough for us at the minute and just about fits into the schedules we keep, there's no way i'm ready for a baby. As for the epidural thing, amen to that, I have this fear of needles but also have weird nightmares about being injected in the middle of my back, just horrible.

    Today however I met up with a friend for the first time in ages and she now has a baby, I ended up looking after the baby for a bit and got all broody... however handing her back to her mum soon sorted that feeling out.

  10. The shower looked really cute! I love "shabby-chic"!