Sunday, November 18, 2007

What a warm home!

When I first got the invitation to J's housewarming party I warned her that if I didn't pass, I wasn't coming. Lucky for both of us I got the good news the night before. I say lucky because this was a party not to be missed.

Kim greeted me at the door with a margarita her husband made for me. This is a telling sign of how the night would go.

I should have known what I was in store for when I heard of the guest list. Some of the most fun women I know and their equally fun husbands. Especially Jess's husband. He was the life of the party and had everyone in stiches all night with his antics. Check out the action he got! (Hey mister - this is a FAMILY party)

Of course, that was before he got trashed:

My friend Claire somehow managed to get in almost every shot. I'm sure she tells herself its because she's photogenic, but really its because she's kind of a photo whore.

And this is why I don't bring my husband to many parties. Do you see anyone else in this room? Nope. Me neither. Know why? Everyone else was outside......

Although when he did join us, I kinda wished he was back inside again because he started doing stuff like this.

And then Cat had to do it too (monkey see, monkey do)

Somewhere along the way, there was some wife swapping going on...... (or maybe the girls just got confused since all white guys look the same)

All in all I can honestly say everyone had an amazing time and J is a FABULOUS host. The house is gorgeous. They put a ton of work into it and its quite obvious. There was food and drink overflowing - even a candy buffet which prompted every husband to ask his wife for a candy room at home. Good food, good drink, great company and a beautiful setting - anyone would feel at home!


  1. young is hot.
    allwhiteguyslooksame, especially when most are wearing glasses.
    congrats, again! glad you go to go after all.

  2. Looks like it was such an awesome party!

  3. you got it right the second time. i'm a big PW. :)

  4. Such good times. <3

    Now you know why I can't take my husband anywhere. Always causing a scene.

  5. I just laughed my AS* OFF!!! Those pictures are so cute but the ome of Jom cracked me up! I'm sad I couldm't make it, glad you had a good time.

  6. ROFL with the wife swapping! Allwhitehusbandslooksame while Asianhusbandshilarious, got it. So sad I missed another one of J's fab party...I was in Vegas, losing money :(

  7. OMG, great read! I think I peed myself when I read about the wife swapping!! Good times! Thanks for coming! best.night.ever.

  8. So.Much.Fun. Great recap! Doesn't everyone wife swap?

  9. :::left out::::


    You chickies are an absolute crack up. Those are AWESOME pictures