Friday, November 02, 2007

Just Peachy

I'm a tequila girl. It is my drink of choice. Which is not to say I don't appreciate other drinks. In fact, one of the things I'm really into is flavored vodka. I love playing with the flavors - its almost like cooking.

This week I stopped by BevMo to pick up some Dunkels and picked up some peach vodka in addition.

Peach is definitely a summertime flavor for me. Peach vodka? Well its almost my way of trying to squeeze out the last taste of summer.

1 shot peach vodka
1/8 cup orange juice
1/8 cup cranberry juice
1 Tbsp pineapple juice

1) Shake all ingredients in cocktail strainer with ice and strain into glass.


  1. I love peach anything. Please pour me a glass!

  2. Wow that soumds so tasty! Looks evem better.

  3. I made these last night for girl's night and they were great! Everyone loved them!