Sunday, August 19, 2007

Our Katie

I know you're all dying to hear about Mexico, and promise to devote a whole heck of a lot of space to the amazing trip we had, but first I MUST fill you in on THE WEDDING OF THE YEAR.

Although she is now Kam's wife, she will forever be our Katie. Our Katie was married yesterday, and I do mean yesterday - her tea ceremony started at 10 in the morning and when Jon and I snuck out last night around 10:30 (or 12:30 Puerto Vallarta time) the party was still going strong.

The Dress-es
Our Katie is drop dead gorgeous. I told Jon to remind me not to make any more beautiful friends, from now on, all new acquaintances must be twisted mutants. Although we missed the first two dresses she wore, we got to see two dresses last night. The first, the princess gown every little girl dreams of. The second was a more figure hugging gown. Both were glamorous and fabulous and of course, made our Katie look like the princess she was.

The Ceremony
The ceremony was outside in a courtyard. Orchids hung from an arch at the front and were strewn across the aisle. Parasols lined the aisles and were set up on a table at the back of the ceremony. My partner in crime Kim and I quickly ditched our husbands, grabbed some parasols and went to sit down. We watched in horror as guests trampled the aisle and took parasols from the aisle instead of from the table in back. We're a little protective of Our Katie. True to form, Our Katie was quite the little talker during the ceremony. It was a good thing she wasn't miked as her and Kam were in their own little world, having a conversation throughout the ceremony - talking, laughing, and the highlight was the 5 minutes she spent fixing his hair. After they were pronounced man and wife, Our Katie turned and with a "Let's Party" headed down the aisle. Kim's husband and Jon tried to convince us we had to return our parasols. I had to explain to Jon that NO ONE knows weddings better than Kim and I and the parasols were ours to keep. Jon wasn't convinced, he made me ask Our Katie who insisted we should take as many parasols as we wanted.

Cocktail Hour
Some people claim to have a "lounge" for guests. In fact, this is quite the topic brought up by my group of friends when we want a good laugh. Our Katie knew how to host a lounge. First there were mahjong tables set up for guests to entertain themselves with. Second there was great food - egg rolls, won tons, and various other dim sum type snackers. Third, there was an open bar. What's not to love.

The Food
Believe it or not, I forgot to take food pictures. I blame it on the fact that it was dark. But really, the food was incredible. We had shark fin soup, duck, honey walnut shrimp, lobster, fried rice....excellent. We all ate till we were too full for words. And just when you thought it couldn't get any better, they brought out the white chocolate fondue fountain.

The Reception
White paper laterns hung from the ceiling. A gobo with their monogram spread across the floor. White orchids were on every table, along with a questionnaire for guests to fill out their favorite memories of Our Katie and Kam, guess their children's names, etc. etc. etc. The guests flowed in. It seemed as though most of the guests loved Our Katie as much as we did. Her cousins each sang a song with the band, their Buddhist friends put on quite the dance routine which involved lifts, spins, acrobatics, and ribbons, her maid of honor played a tape of 6 year old Katie singing. Our Katie, ever the gracious host, and loving to be the center of attention, spent a lot of time on the mike thanking everyone and entertaining.

I had heard rumors of "table thefts" before, but this was the first time I experienced it. The table behind us was trying to take as many centerpieces as humanly possible. For the 3 couples, they took 6 centerpieces and they were eying ours. We had to leave a chaperone at the table at all times to ensure they didn't take it. Not that we wanted the centerpiece, we just didn't want them to take any more. What kills me is, I don't even think they're from this area and you KNOW they can't bring plants on a plane between states.

Happy Happy Marriage Katie and Kam!


  1. beautiful! Katie looks so amazing!!! :-D

  2. The wedding was so nice. Katie has such lovely ideas. I love that she made a table for the vendors and made us all feel very important.

  3. What a GORGEOUS wedding...Katie looks AMAZING :D

  4. You're such a good story teller.. I swear I felt like I was there..

    That white chocolate fondue fountain made me drool!!

  5. Thank you so much for this Kate, your awesome writing and preview pictures made Kam and me so giddy and gave us goose bumps!!

    We really hoped you enjoyed our wedding..from the look of the pictures, Jon sure did :) Kam said out loud, "So THAT'S where all the strawberries went..he's good!"

  6. Absolutely stunning. These pictures don't do it justice but the commentary does! Katie was just so radiant and beautiful. I cried like a baby during the first dance. SO romantic!

  7. Everything sounds and looks great! Congrats to Katie and Kam. :)