Sunday, August 26, 2007

It's good to laugh sometimes

Today, I loaded up my car and headed to the LBC (Long Beach City for the uninitiated).
What did I load my car up with? Hot girls.
And why were we heading to Long Beach? To meet some more hot girls.

Cat, Diane, Jessica, and I headed up to Long Beach to meet up with some of our LA counterparts - girls who talk sassy, dress cool, love the same people we love, and dislike the same people we dislike. I will leave it to Wee-Mo to give you full details, since she spins a yarn like no other (seriously, does anyone else feel like this blog was taken over by the ghost of a 90 yr. old lady? Who says "sassy" and "spins a yarn"?).

I will tell you the part that WeeMo doesn't know about - the drive up. During which we had to make an emergency pit stop at a McDonalds because a certain person (who was dressed all in black) had to be sick. Have you ever asked a McDonald's employee for a large cup someone could throw up in? I have. Luckily my car was safe, and the trip was without consequence.

The brunch itself was phenomenal. I haven't laughed like that in a long time. Not since some reeeeeaaaalllly old Get Togethers we used to have, back before all the crazies came to town. It was sooo great to meet the LA girls, all of whom I always felt were the hipper, cooler counterparts to us OCers (I mean, they're like our city cousins!)

On the drive home Diane entertained us with stories from an online site she lurked on because it was so weird. Girls on the site talked about how they ate blankets and paper to stay thin. The laughing continued alllll the way home. Sometimes its nice just to have some girl time!


  1. How funny because the whole time, I thought you OC girls were our hipper counterparts!

    Good to see you today and thanks for the laughs :)

  2. It's scary that there are two groups of us.

    And it's wonderful that we're all friends now.

    "If she's a DOC, I'm a ninja!"

  3. "Fuckin' beans"

    Good times, good times. Fun in the flesh. Great to meet you all face to face. :)

  4. I looove the quote "before the crazies came around"


  5. "Sometimes whem I havem't eatem for a few days amd I get really humgry, I lie im bed at might amd start eatimg my blamket..." LMFAO!!