Monday, August 20, 2007

Mexico - Part I

Jon and I arrived in Puerto Vallarta without much trouble, grabbed our bags and headed for the taxi. Even that was easy. We arrived at the Golden Crown Paradise, an Adults Only, All Inclusive resort. While we waited to be checked in, we were given a cool towel and juice to drink. And a good thing too, because Puerto Vallarta is HOT! Hot and muggy and sticky. Although, it wasn't long before I really began to enjoy the heat. There's something very sexy about humidity.

We checked into our gorgeous room that overlooked both the pool and the ocean - from BOTH our balconies. Then we decided to go for a walk. We walked up and down the beach, exploring our property and the sister resort next door for families. Because we were at the Adults Only, we had access to both resorts, even though the families did not have access to ours. So there suckers! Although Jon was very jealous of the waterslides they had for the kids.....We dined at the buffet at the family resort and were less than impressed. "Ah well" we thought. "Who cares if the food isn't good, its free and there's plenty of it!" And to ensure we kept this attitude we headed to the bar. Here we met Victor, our bartender for the trip. He poured us some heavy shots of El Jimador tequila and kept them flowing. We also met Alex and Luis, who are from Guadalajara and were in Puerto Vallarta for a boys golf trip. They invited us to join them the next night back at the bar for some Mexican moonshine, Jon quickly agreed. We drank some more tequila and beer before heading back to our rooms for the night.

We spent the entire next day lying by the pool and reading. The hotel would definitely be great for spring breakers because every hour there is some crazy activity like tequila volleyball, or the sun dance. Jon and I didn't participate, but it was fun to watch. We headed back to the bar where Victor introduced us to "Palomas" which are grapefruit juice, tequila, and lime juice. Way better than Margaritas. We met Jason and Jessica who were married the night before and on their honeymoon.

We also met up with Alex and Luis for some racilla (that moonshine I told you about). We were having such a good time we almost missed our dinner reservations. But its a good thing we didn't because the food at Salvadors was incredible. The minute we bit into the rolls, Jon and I changed our mind about the food! We savored every course and vowed to stop being so judgmental. We were still talking about what a great day we had all the way back to the room.

More to come, I promise.


  1. I fully agree that there is something WAY sexy about the humidity there. Matt and I spent our honeymoon there and loved it.

    We were going to do a repeat trip again this month but clearly that didn't happen. Oh well. :( I'll live vicariously through you. heh.

    Can't wait for more pics.. Palomas sound soooo yum right now.

  2. I LOVE hearing about your adventures!!! You tell such great stories :)

  3. I wish I was there right now. Seriously. Tequila shots and all.

  4. My fave part = ADULTS ONLY

    There should be Adults Only planes. There should be Adults Only a lot of things.

  5. Palomas huh? Are the bartenders familiar with these in the States? Sounds like I'm going to need to find out. :)

  6. the palomas sound super yummy. love the pics so far, but i want more more more!

  7. Palomas sound delish and I'm not even a tequila fan.

    I'm with WeeMo - best part = adults only! I am in <3 with adults only resorts. BTW, S is reading over my shoulder and he says he agrees with WeeMo, too :)