Tuesday, August 21, 2007

A new addition

It is my sincere pleasure to introduce to you the newest member of our happy home. Meet Ringo. Ringo is a lab/shepherd mix we brought home from the shelter today. We're not sure his age, but peg him around 10 months. Here's what we ARE sure about.

1) This is a mellow boy. He hasn't barked once since we met him. We first saw him in his cage sitting quietly while the dog beside him was barking like crazy. He began poking his nose through the bars as soon as he saw us and began licking our fingers as soon as they were presented to him.

2) This is a sweet boy. Aside from the kisses at the shelter he is very people oriented. He already recognizes me and Jon and likes to be in the same room as us. He continues to "check in" with me after playing for a few minutes. He is full of love and kisses and puppy eyes.

3) This is a smart boy. He's already learned where the water is, and Bebe taught him how to get in and out of the car. He's also figured out that if he wants something, he has to keep it in his mouth or it becomes Bebe's.

4) This is a friendly boy. He gets along GREAT with Bebe. He adores her. And he plays so well with her. Its really cute to watch the two of them together. He chases her, she chases him, he follows her all over the house. She kisses him, he kisses her. I call it puppy love, then again, he's got us all smitten.


  1. I'm glad to see more Ringo pics here! What a doll!! :-D He looks like a total charmer...I can't wait to hear about your adventures with him!

  2. He has the most charming "smile".

    Puppy love for sure.

  3. omg, he is too cute! welcome home ringo :-)

  4. So flippin' cute! He's got such a precious face.