Saturday, August 25, 2007

It's a Boy!

The Knot fosters some very strange relationships. I have heard a rumor that it was not always this way, but my "class" of '06 brides all became very close. I think its because no one understands the stress of being a bride better than other brides. That, and misery loves company.

Now, its not really "strange" to have relationships with people over the long as it stays over the internet. What is strange is how these online relationships have spilled over into real life (In Real Life, or IRL if you will). Even after our weddings were over, many of us still kept in touch, involved in one another's life.

I met JP on the knot and was immediately inspired by her DIY (Do It Yourself) creativity. She was one of those girls. You know, the ones who did everything by hand perfectly. A little Martha Stewart. And she was impossibly sweet. When she announced she was pregnant, we couldn't have been happier. I think 50 people told her she was going to be an adorable pregnant person (just a side note - she is).

Today was JP's shower. She's having a boy. Mr. JP is going to be sooo thrilled. And the shower was a ton of fun too. There were three of us "online friends" there. (Well 2 1/2 since Jessica knew JP before The Knot). It's always fun to go to weddings and showers where you get to tell the other guests you met the bride/mom online. JP really is just the cutest pregnant person you ever saw. And she's 8 months along! Which according to the Orange County trend means the baby could come ANY SECOND!

Proof that great minds think alike, Sara and I both showed up in matching ensembles, and with matching gifts. But this is a word of warning to never invite us both to the same event.


  1. YAY!! Today was a great time, by far one of the better Baby showers I've been played out games :) It was only a plus that I got to be doublemint twins w/ you!!

  2. HOW CUTE IS JP!?!? She looks fantastic!!

    And you and Sara being twinsies is too funny...

    YEY for JP!

  3. Whoa, coincidence that we both had Knottie baby showers yesterday. I had half a post similar to this one already written yesterday morning. Funny :)

  4. I agree with Sara...this is one of the better baby showers. I just wish we could have chatted for longer. :-D