Sunday, January 21, 2018

Sunday Runday: 2018 plans

I have 2 main running goals for this year,  the first is to keep working on my 10k, that goal from last year I dropped the ball on.  Song with that, which should help, is to run more, and more consistently.

I've been doing a lot of shorter runs, and this year I'm trying to get back into 3 miles being the shortest distance I run, and the distance I run at least 4 days a week.  That gives me one day off,  one day I can cut short due to time constraints,  and one day to do a longer run.

As for my runs this year, so far I've only got one half marathon on schedule, the San Diego Half.  And then I'm loading up on 10ks, like the Cardiff Kook, the St. Patrick's Day 10k, The Vista Strawberry Run,  etc.

Of course, the old standbys are still there,  like the Fit Foodie and the Jingle Bell Run.

Here's looking forward to a good running year!

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