Monday, April 03, 2017

Mommy Mondays: The Weaning Chronicles

Next week Thatbaby will be 22 months.  Almost 2!  Which often brings up the topic of weaning.  And it's a topic for which I have no answers, ideas or plans.

With Thatkid, things went mostly naturally.  By 14 months he had dropped his first nursing session on his own.  By 18 months he was down to just the one nursing session before bed.  And at 21 months, we coaxed him out of that nursing session too.  He was done.

I am officially in uncharted waters with my 21 month old who still nurses.  Up until this week he's been nursing before bed and usually once in the middle of the night.

And then he got sick.

This past week Thatbaby has had some sort of stomach issues, so in addition to keeping him on a pretty strict B-R-A-T diet, I also gave in to requests for a couple of extra nursing sessions during the day.  I don't know if it really helps immunity, but I do know it helps keep him hydrated.

At this point, I know for sure that he's not nursing because he's hungry, that it's purely a comfort thing, but I'm also not quite ready to take away his comfort.  Between constant illness this winter, and the fact he's still teething, it helps me feel like I'm helping in some small way ease his pain. 

It could also be because he's my last child.  As much as I am ready to be done with breastfeeding, I also know these are the last chances I have.  He will also be my baby, and I hope we will always have those close moments.  But this child - he's my Mr. Independent.  The one who doesn't want to be touched or held when he's upset.  The one who never stops moving.  And even though that movement usually continues during nursing sessions with fingers in my mouth or feet in my face, it's the only time he's even close to being still.  And guaranteed time when I can hold him.

So at this point, I'm waiting it out.  I don't know when we're going to stop.  I don't know if he'll still be nursing at 2, or even beyond.  I know eventually this will come to an end.  I just don't know when.


  1. You're such a sweet mom. I'm sure he appreciates the extra comfort! Being sick is no fun at any age.

  2. Um, it DEFINITELY helps immunity! Without a doubt!! I'm in a facebook group for breastfeeding physicians and that is definitely the consensus. There's currently a circulating theory that the saliva your milk is "exposed" to as baby is drinking alters the antibody make-up of your milk so that it's perfectly suited to whatever illness your baby has. It's super cool.

  3. I got sick during breastfeeding and I had to take antibiotics so I breastfed him for about a month. I think that you will know it when the time comes to cut this and make the next step.

  4. It's bittersweet, right? My first son self weaned by around 14 months. My second son (and my last baby) would probably STILL like to be nursing - and he's 3. Different kids, different levels of need. My little guy eventually weaned around 2.5 - and I'm cool with that.