Monday, April 24, 2017

Mommy Mondays: Sicko

Thatbaby has been a pretty healthy kid.  Which is lucky.  Because I remember when Thatkid was a baby and missed so much school.  But my luck (or his?) ran out earlier this month when he missed almost a week of school due to stomach virus that was going around.

I find this to be the hardest age to have a sick kid, mostly because they're not great with just relaxing and don't have the attention span for television.    These are some tips based on how I get through it.

1) Bed on the couch.  This is something from my childhood - maybe everyone's childhood?  I don't know.  But we bring pillows and blankets out on to the couch and make it extra cuddly.

2) Liquids.  I mean, it's always important, but especially so when you're sick.  We're not a juice household, but whenever my kids are sick they get juice.  I'll even turn it into popsicles.

3) Quiet-time activities.  Neither of my kids is very good about realizing they were sick.  Even when running fevers they are using the house as their training grounds for becoming the next American Ninja Warrior.   So I try to find special activities that will keep them still, quiet, and occupied. Thatbaby is one million times better than his brother was with this.  But it could be because my secret weapon is pulling out Thatkid's magnatiles.  Thatkid didn't have an older brother with cool off-limit toys.

4) Food catering.  My kids tend to snack more than eat when they're not feeling well (or when they are feeling well).  Thatbaby was on the BRAT diet when he was sick, which just so happens to include some of his favorite foods - bananas and applesauce.  Because he was sick, he also got to eat on his couch/bed/table.

5) Lots and lots of naps.  My boys nap once during the day when they're healthy.  But in order to encourage extra napping, when they're sick, we do couch naps.  Seeee there's reason for those pillows and blankets.   And Thatbaby gets the added benefit of getting mommy lap naps on the couch. 


  1. What a little sweetheart! I hope he's feeling better soon. And yes, there's nothing like spending the day on the couch when you're sick.

  2. Oy. Sorry y'all aren't feeling well. Sick babies are no fun!

  3. Awww, there's nothing sadder than a sick baby. I know he's no longer a baby, but he'll always be your little one!

  4. Oh that sweetie! Remy has really only been sick once (with a stomach virus, blech) and of course I didn't realize it until she was puking all over me, but I really should have picked up on the incessant quiet cuddles she wanted in the hours prior.