Wednesday, October 02, 2013

2 Years Down...

It was inevitable.  You knew this post was coming.  Especially after me talking about Thatbaby's upcoming birthday for weeks.

Hey, it's a big deal 'round these parts!  I mean, your first born son only turns 2 once in his life!

2 years ago, after a long long long long (did I mention I was in the hospital for quite a while?) induction, this precious perfect boy was placed in my arms.

He was a little shell-shocked from his entry into the world.  And from the moment of his arrival, Thatboy and I have been entranced by how he's grown and taken in this scary, unexplainable world. 

In the past 2 years, Thatbaby isn't the only one who has grown and learned.  I have grown as a woman, a mother, and a person.  I have learned patience and the true meaning of selflessness.  Thatboy and I have become even more of a team - we have to be, it's us against him!

I am still often in awe of the fact that we made this charming little creature.  This boy who loves to make you laugh and smile.  Who pushes every limit, just to see if he can.   And frankly, I'm a bit in awe that we've managed to do okay with this parenting thing so far.  We haven't killed him yet!  And that's saying a lot for someone who can't keep a cactus alive.  

We have a lot of fun planned to celebrate his birthday, and I can't wait to start, because this year I think he's actually going to have an understanding of what's going on.  But for now?  I've got a lot of balloons to blow up!


  1. I cannot believe that he is two already! Happy birthday to such a little sweetheart!

  2. Happy two years! What a beautiful post. Having children truly is miraculous, isn't it?

  3. Mine happened 4 years plus ago... I don't know how you felt but I was scare and yet happy. Being a mum, I must say that It is not easy being a mum. You must be proud that you did a good job!

  4. Happy belated birthday to Thatbaby! He may need a new blog name soon.