Sunday, January 10, 2010

Sex, Games, and Pancakes

Phew what a weekend!

Let's start with Friday. A couple weeks back, H had asked if I wanted to go to a "Passion Party" with her. If you're not sure what that is, to quote my 11th grade English teacher when a student asked what a sodomite was - "go ask your parents." Let's just call it a "tupperwear party." I was hesitant at first because I wouldn't know anyone there, and I think "tupperwear" buying is a little bit more of a private thing than a group affair. But I do love H, and I am trying to be more social than last year's dark hole of solitude, so Friday night me and a bottle of wine found our way over to Officer Mel's.

I brought my camera, but once I was there, H and I decided it probably wasn't really a great venue for picture taking. Especially since most of the guests were in law enforcement or married to law enforcement and frankly, even with a blocked license I don't want to take my chances with pissing off people with tasers and guns as part of their work uniform.

I DO have to show you what I was most excited about all night. As soon as I saw it, I knew I would have to buy it immediately and of course, share it with all of you.

I would bet most of you are scratching your heads, trying to figure out what the heck this thing is. Don't worry, that's what I'M here for! This is the "amazing hot massager." It's got this little disc in it that you crack (like a glowstick) and it makes the whole thing heat up. And all you have to do to reset it is boil it in water. You can use it again and again and again and again. Frankly I'm not sure how you use it in a sexual manner, but I am SO excited to have warm hands again in the morning! They already make fun of me for wearing gloves in the office every morning and it makes it very difficult to type.

After all that excitement Friday night, it was difficult to get up bright and early Saturday morning. But get up I did. Because L had invited me to join her and her friends in the "Resolution Run 5k" - a run around Mission Bay. L had indicated that she was pretty out of shape and thought it would be a run/walk which would be perfect for me to get back into racing after my back injury.

The morning was perfect for a run. Clear and cool, with the sun breaking through.

The Resolution Run consisted of a 15k, a 10k, and a 5k, all with different start times, but on the same course.

Thatboy and I got there early enough to watch the 15kers and 10kers take off while I warmed up.

Eventually L found me.

And we found her group. I had asked her about bringing her cutie baby in his jogging stroller and she told me that would be crazy, because that stroller weighs like 20lbs in addition to the baby. Which made us feel even better when her friends and their stroller sailed past us early on in the run.

And we were off. It was a pretty disorganized start because there were way too many people for the narrow path. So people were on the grass, on the sand, on rocks.....sounds pretty safe, right?

The course was pretty as we ran along the bay, but it was difficult to pass people because there just wasn't enough room and it was a "double back" course which meant half of the course was taken up by 15kers, 10kers, and 5kers on their way back.

The finish line was equally disorganized. About .1 miles before the finish, everyone was funneled into a single file line so they could collect your "scanner" used to determine your time. SO bascially you came to a dead stop for the last bit of the race, and then walked at a snail's pace through the finish. Then handed over a strip with a barcode for them to collect. I'm not really sure why they even bothered because there's no way to really determine what your time was from the method they were doing it. Instead I used my Nike+ to let the people beside us know what their time likely was.

This is a typical Thatgirl face after crossing the finish. L's face wasn't nearly as happy. That bitch beside her decided we shouldn't try run/walking, we should run the whole thing. She was happy she'd run the whole thing, but right as this photo was snapped she had a less than flattering look. And I only publish flattering pictures - unless they're of Thatbrother.

See how cute she looks here? That's exactly how she typically looks. And only a couple minutes after crossing the finish line.

Then Thatboy and I headed up to Orange County because we had a dinner date that night! Dinner with Sweetcakes and her husband! It has been months since we've seen Sweetcupcake and she is growing so big! She looks like a real baby now, and not just a tiny little squiggly thing. Although, apparently she is just as perfect a baby as she was a newborn. The four of us decided she's going to probably be a terror as a teenager because she's just so good and easy now. Sweetcakes wined and dined us with a fondue dinner and dessert which easily put her back in the lead as "Thatboy's favorite one of my friends." And then the Sorry board came out.

Sorry is a game where you have no friends. Except for Sweetcakes and me. Mr. Sweetcakes continued to be baffled when we failed to screw each other over to get ahead. Instead focusing on how we could screw over Thatboy and Mr. Sweetcakes. Luckily we all left the night as friends.

And since I've been so good about giving you yummy dessert recipes, here's a super healthy breakfast recipe. Or as I like to call it: "Pancake Fail." Basically I tried to make pancakes as incredibly healthy as possible by subbing out everything that could be bad with things that are better for you. No butter, no milk, no cream, no sugar, whole wheat flour......It did not go well. Thatboy liked them better than I did, so maybe it's personal preference, but I think maybe some ingredients should be kept in, even if there are healthier alternatives out there. Unsurprisingly the blueberry syrup - which consists of blueberries and sugar, was delicious.

Pancake Fail
2 cups blueberries
1/2 cup water
1/4 cup sugar
1 cup cottage cheese
3 eggs
1 cup nonfat plain yogurt
juice of 1 lemon
1/2 tsp baking soda
1 cup whole wheat flour
1/4 tsp salt

1. Combine blueberries, water, and sugar in a saucepan and heat over low heat for 10 minutes.
2. While the blueberries are cooking, beat together the cottage cheese, eggs, yogurt, and lemon juice.
3. In a separate bowl, combine baking soda, flour, and salt.
4. Stir dry ingredients into wet ingredients just until combined. (quiz AB fans - what method is this?)
5. Heat skillet over medium low heat and spray with cooking spray. Ladle batter onto skillet and cook until the batter begins to bubble. Flip and cook till browned.
6. Serve with the blueberry syrup.


  1. I don't love totally unorganized races, but at least you got out there and ran (and the weather looked AMAZING but I guess that's San Diego for you!)

    I think the pancake fail has real potential. How can you NOT love something totally covered with sugary, syrup blueberries?!

  2. What a fun update! I love running around mission bay. Too bad those pancakes weren't fabulous...they certainly look it!

  3. Hey wow, I want one of those hot hearts for my hands when I am eating popcorn. I swear my hands in the winter act to cool every single bite down. And who wants cool popcorn?

  4. i am completely dead at you turning a sex toy of some sort into a hand warmer.

    and, congrats on doing the race!

  5. So many people joining in on the run is inspirational. If only our streets and parks were not covered in snow....sigh.

  6. I don't recall ever saying I was pretty out of shape, just not a runner! Give a girl some credit!!

    In all seriousness, you are the reason I was able to jog the entire 3.1. You are amazing. Thank you!

  7. I'm glad you're feeling well enough to slowly get back to running. It must feel great to be getting back out there!