Sunday, January 24, 2010

Hot Date Night

Prez and I have had a standing dinner date during restaurant week every year. It's been going on since the very first restaurant week. We take turns picking restaurants, but obviously run it by other person - because that's what partners do. And Prez is definitely my partner in crime when it comes to restaurant week.

For some reason, our restaurant picks always bring us to very romantic places, waterfront views, steak and seafood....We joke about our romantic dates since neither of us brings our significant others to these places.

This time it was Prez's turn to pick a restaurant so she sent me a preliminary list for me to narrow down before she made the final selection. We ended up at Peohe's.

Dark lighting, waterfalls - it just puts you in the mood, no?

And though you can't see it here because it was dark and pouring, the restaurant looks out over the bay and directly across to the city lights of San Diego. As we drove home over the bridge we remarked at how the rain really makes San Diego glow.

And really, what Peohe has to offer is the ambiance. Neither of us were expecting too much in terms of the food, but what you're really paying for is the view.

Once again, like any partnership, Prez and I picked the two appetizers we'd both want so we could go halvsies.

The artichoke with lemon basil aioli and clarified butter. Although Prez and I noticed that the butter also had a nice lemony taste.

Coconut Crunchy Shrimp. We both thought the shrimp looked so good that we wanted to try it, and it was good, but a little oily, so it was nice to split it.

We threw the partnership under the bus for the main course since both of us wanted the prime rib. It's fairly typical that our dinners out involve a nice cut of steak. Probably one of the reasons why Prez is one of my favorite dates ever.

For dessert, Prez ordered the No Ka Oi - similar to the famous Hula Pie, but with a different name. It consists of an oreo cookie shell topped with macademia nut ice cream and chocolate sauce.

I went with the key lime pie, which came on a mango-strawberry sauce. Making it delicious, but oh so sweet! Just like my hot date.


  1. I'm jealous--I want a local girlfriend to have a regular date night with.

  2. Good God, those are huge portions!

  3. We have our version or Restaurant Week here in January too called Wine & Dine...I am looking forward to Wednesday.

  4. i love that you have a foodie partner in crime.

  5. So much fun to have a girls night out like this. I need a restaurant week of my own!

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  7. Hula pie is one of my most favorite desserts (says the queen of ice cream!), so I'm all over that Na Ka Oi pie!!