Monday, November 09, 2009

Straight from the bird

Why hello out there! Some of you may recall that this blog used to feature food and recipes. And then life got busy and I stopped being home to cook. Then I was home to cook, but didn't have the time to blog about it.

Well I can't say that life has slowed down at all, but I actually have some food and recipes that are back-piling up, just waiting for me to share with you. I know. It's exciting.

I don't know where the saying came from that "real men don't eat quiche." It's simply not true. Not only is Thatboy more than happy to eat quiche, but he'll even eat frittata and strata. And he almost knows the difference. What makes me even more sure that real men eat quiche is that Thatboy will even eat it for dinner. Well, frittata - but remember, he can't tell the difference.

Veggie Frittata (recipe available from

Egg dishes are fabulous for two things - using up veggies you have in the fridge, and getting a non-veggie eater to eat veggies. And even AVM can't mess up a frittata too badly. It helps that the ingredients are eggs, cheese, and veggies and I love all three.

Spicy Turkey Sausage (recipe available from

And to go with the eggs, I made the turkey sausage from AVM. These you could go wrong with. Even though they were nice and spicy, they were surprisingly bland - like a lot of the other recipes. I can't understand how a recipe can have so many herbs and spices and still be bland.


  1. I like stratas. And frittatas. And ricottas. And burratas. And ciabattas. And regattas. And sonatas.

  2. I have only recently found out that my family will also gladly have this for dinner!!!

  3. I love eggs and have finally gotten the hubby to eat them. They are a great quick dinner.

  4. I love quiche. And frittata. Sadly my husband is lukewarm on them, but he'll eat them.

  5. Mmmm, that looks yummy. Jim is amazingly unpicky about what I serve for dinner, too. So long as the portion is ample, he is fine with whatever. Makes life so much easier, doesn't it?