Saturday, September 12, 2009


Thatboy and I haven't eaten a homecooked meal since Tuesday. Well, that's kind of a lie - we've had homecooked lunches, just not dinners. Wednesday was girls night out, which meant take out for Thatboy. And Thursday was our night out!

I met Thatboy at his office after work and we headed to dinner. We actually didn't have any clue what we were going to have for dinner, until we passed by Thai Time. "Thai sound good to you?" Thatboy asked me. I quickly agreed and we headed in. At the time we arrived we were one of a few tables, but shortly after the place filled up with people who probably were likewise getting off work and heading for a bite.

It was our first time to Thai time, which means I always get the usual - pad thai.

I figure if the place messes up pad thai, then I'm probably not going to like anything else there. The good news is, the pad thai was good, but the tom ka soup was even better.

And Thatboy almost licked the bowl of his yellow curry.

Maybe the best part of the meal though was the price - it's not often you can get two entrees, two drinks, and an appetizer for under $30!

After dinner, we headed across the street for our main purpose of the evening:

SPAMALOT! I've been dying to see this show for going on four years now, but there are always other shows to see, so it's just never happened yet. But I definitely spent many nights in high school watching "Holy Grail" with friends until we could quote every line. And then re-act out all the scenes....

I thought the performance was fantastic! I was notably impressed by Merle Dandridge as the Lady of the Lake. HOLY COW what a voice! The rest of the cast was almost as talented, with the except of the female dancers, who couldn't seem to keep their counts straight. It's kind of distracting when legs are all a second or two off. As with the best musical theater, this one stayed topical by adding in ad libs about Obama's healthcare address as well as the Merriman/Tequila brewhaha which has overtaken all of San Diego's news media.

It's been a while since Thatboy and I have done dinner and a show, and Thursday night reminded us why we need to do it more often!


  1. What a fun night! If you're ever in my neck of the woods, Saladang is an excellent Thai restaurant.

  2. There are some days that I would give up my mountains to come and hang out with you...and go eat beautiful food. Oh, but then we got a new restaurant here in Hick Town...The Fried Green Tomato by Dirty Dave. I kid you not. I will have to get a picture of it and post about it. It is hilarious..and weird. Not sure I relish eating in a place that the local porn peddler owns.

  3. I love thai food and don't get to have it near often enough!