Monday, April 11, 2016

Mommy Mondays: 10 months

Weight: 20lbs 10 oz (+12bs 6oz) - left over from last month
Height: 30.5 inches (+9.25 inches) - left over from last month
 Head: 18.1 inches - left over from last month

Sleep:  OH FRIENDS.  If I thought last month was bad, nothing compares to this month.  Every 2 hours?  HA!  That seemed decadent on those nights he would only sleep in 45 minute intervals.  Luckily he also came through that phase this month and went back to only waking once or twice.  Once he even slept all the way through the night!

Eating: When he was feeling under the weather in the early part of the month he pretty much stopped eating solids completely, and would only nurse - no bottles.  But after that passed he was back to eating and drinking his normal amount.  This month we learned that he absolutely loves lamb and coucous.  And chili (but really, who doesn't like chili?)

Best Moment: Playing in the pool with the boys in Arizona.

Monthly Wisdom: This month I'm going with "trust your mom instinct."  Everyone kept telling me Thatbaby was sick and/or had an ear infection.  Neither Thatboy nor I thought he was sick, in fact he was sleeping better than he had in weeks.  But we brought him in to Urgent Care....aaannndd he got a clean bill of health.  This works the other way too - if you feel like your kid is sick, bring them to the doctor, even if everyone tells you you're crazy.  No one knows your child like you do.

Goals for the Upcoming Month:
- Start working on Thatbaby's birthday party
- Survive another long cartrip
- Survive our first family camping trip.
- Get some more sleep.

Things Thatbaby is doing:
- kissing
- blowing kisses
- throwing his hands up in the air when we say "Raise your hands if you're happy"
- climbing on top of tables, boxes, pretty much anything he can climb on top of
- pointing where he wants to go
- holding his hands up to indicate he wants to be picked up

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  1. First family camping trip?! Good luck!!! I bet you guys will have a blast. I love that you're starting him out so young! He's going to be super adventurous. :)