Monday, October 14, 2013

Mommy Mondays: What 2 Looks Like

It's time again for one of my favorite things - what do we do in a day?  I love comparing these with previous months to see how our schedule changes.  Normally I track my day on a Monday.  But here's a Friday for a change.  You'll see a big difference in the evenings.  Friday nights are my favorite evenings of the week.  I pretty much just take off.  No chores, no getting ready for the next day, just relaxing.

6:00am - Thatbaby wakes up.  In the hopes he'll sleep a little longer, we bring him into our bed.  It doesn't work, but at least we get some extra downtime lying in bed getting kicked by little feet.

6:48am - Thatbaby has decided "bed is for girls" and heads out.  He calls me from the kitchen.

Thatboy walks the dog while Thatbaby and I eat breakfast together.  I have leftover migas, he has cereal.  He's big on cereal right now.

7:17  - Tradesies!  I hop in the shower, while Thatboy entertains Thatbaby.  Normally they eat together, but Fridays Thatboy grabs doughnuts for breakfast from a local shop by his office (I call them his fatty Fridays).  So they just hang out while I shower.

7:29am - Thatboy leaves for work.  Thatbaby and I brush our teeth, and I do my hair.

7:44am - Thatbaby starts asking for "More Choo Choo."  I have no idea what this means, but he disappears from the room while I get dressed.  I get interrupted 5 times with "help mama"/ "mama come" or the classic "mama mommy mama mommy."  Each time I go out to find him, thinking "This is why I'm never on time anywhere."

8:00am - I'm finally dressed with my hair done and makeup on.  Now it's time to get Thatbaby dressed.

8:08am - I get together our lunches and clean up breakfast.

8:18am - We put on our jackets and shoes and head out.

8:30am - We actually make it to daycare!

8:32am - I head to work.

8:46am - I stop for gas to fill up my car.  I hate filling up on Fridays, but sometimes you don't have much choice.

8:50am - Arrive at work.  The internet is down.  Which means I can't access our server or the internet for research.  Thursday I went home because I couldn't access anything and worked from there.  But today there's  a 10am teleconference, so I end up working at my secretary's desk.

10:32am - The server's back up!  So I can access the documents for an upcoming mediation and do appropriate research.

12:08pm - lunchtime!  We've got a hotdog with cheese, grilled broccoli and corn, golden raisins and cranberries, a square of dark chocolate, and applesauce.

4:56pm - leave work.  Everyone else left at 3pm, so I'm the last one to leave.  I never get to leave early, so I'm in a pretty good mood!

5:10pm - get Thatbaby from daycare.

5:39pm - Finally get Thatbaby to leave daycare and get home.

5:54pm - dinner.  We had leftover tamales and big salads for dinner.  Well, Thatbaby had leftover tamale, salad, and an apple.

6:05pm - dinner is interrupted by a diaper change.  I love that we're in a "daddy do it" phase.

6:19pm - dinner's over.  The boys read a story while I do dishes.

6:45pm - the boys head to the bath and I wind down with some yoga.

7:00pm - Goodnight kiss from the little guy while Thatboy puts him to bed.

7:20pm - my feet are up for the night.  Time for some computer and catching up on television, beginning with Once Upon A Time in Wonderland.

7:45pm - Thatboy comes out from the bedroom to join me on the couch, brining with him some doughnuts he brought home from the morning.  We watch The Originals and Elementary.

10:31pm - bedtime!


  1. Lol.. The photo of thatbaby eating cereal and brushing his teeth with his hair still standing up from sleeping is too cute...

  2. I just want to squeeze him! It's so adorable how he's such a real little person now!