Monday, October 07, 2013

Mommy Mondays: 24 months

Weight: 28lbs 6oz (+ 21 lbs)
Height: 34"  (+ 14")
Head: 19.25" (+ 5.85")

Sleep: Whatever night terrors he was having, he isn't any more.  Now we're back to normal night sleep and early morning wakeups.

Eating: Eating is pretty much the same here.  Some nights he eats as though he was racing a marathon the next day.  Other nights he barely touches his dinner.  Typical toddler.

Best Moment: It's always the little things.  Like Thatbaby singing in his sleep and waking himself up.  Thatbaby getting so excited about making a "choo choo train" out of a diaper box.  Thatbaby playing with his friends at daycare.  Thatbaby signing Taylor Swift (Oh! Oh! Oh! Trouble, trouble, trouble.)

Monthly Wisdom:  You too can make it to two.  I honestly think they're so cute at this age because if they weren't mothers would leave them outside for the wolves.  So. Much. Trouble.  

Goals for the Upcoming Month:
- Birthday Party!  The guestlist includes 21 children.  Should be interesting!

Things Thatbaby is doing:
-  We've moved on from "Wheels on the Bus."  He now sings A,B,C,D on repeat.
- He is now amazing at jumping off things and landing on his feet - without help.
- Tall enough to ride some rides at legoland!
- He is going through a crazy blanket phase.  He loves the blankets Thatmom made for him, and he wants to sit on them, cover himself with them, or wrap himself in them.  All the time.
- He knows "Grandma" and calls for her all the time.
- He picks up the phone and pretends someone is calling.  Usually he picks Grandma or one of his classmates.
- He talks about his daycare friends all the time.  He loves them.


  1. They definitely are so cute at this age. Really turning into mischievous little people!

  2. So much fun as they learn to communicate. H thinks farts are funny. His and anyone elses, including when something makes a REMOTELY similar noise.

    I did have a boy. I am having another.
    Oh..... boy...

  3. Oh and the other night - H demanded a cookie. I said nope, it's dinner time soon. He went and got my phone. Handed it to me. Said "Nana". Fine, I thought. So we call Nana (in New Zealand).

    He said "Nana?!!!" then "Hiiiii" and then "cookie"

    Right. So he's figured out his grandmother might make his mother give him a cookie?! OMG.