Monday, October 08, 2012

Mommy Mondays: 12 Months

Weight: 22lbs 6oz (+ 15 lbs)
 Height: 30" (+ 10")
Head: 18.5" (+ 5.2")

Sleep: We're pretty much in the same situation we've been with sleep.  He goes to sleep around the same time, sleeps about the same amount, and the only change is he's decided that mornings are the best.  He's up early and there is no convincing him to go back to sleep. Oh wait!  Another big sleep change is related to naps!  Now that Thatbaby is in the "big kids" room at daycare he is such a good napper (at daycare!)  He sleeps everyday from 12:30-2:30, and according to his teacher, all she has to do is pull out his cot, and he lies down and puts himself to sleep.

Eating: Since Thatbaby has moved rooms in daycare all our bottle problems are solved!  Or straw cups, since he no longer drinks from a bottle.  He has 2 "bottles/cups" of milk a day, since they're on a schedule.  He has one at lunch, and one at snack.  And his nursing has certainly spread out more during the day.  I think he's starting to get a hang of the eating food for nutrition thing.

Best Moment: Taking him to a playgym and watching him go crazy on the trampoline.  It's so fun to watch him entertain himself and he loves bouncing!

Monthly Wisdom: Well folks, we made it a year.  It must have been the shortest year in history - or at least that's how it feels.  Thatbaby is so different than the tiny little thing I met last October.  He's laughs and cries.  Has demands and needs.  He has likes and dislikes.  He's always on the move, and yet enjoys being held and cuddling.  He loves to make people laugh, quite the ham.  He drives us crazy and completely consumes our lives.

Goals for the Upcoming Month:
- Find a babysitter!

Things Thatbaby is doing:
- Self-modulating his voice (mostly with his hand)
- Pushing things all over the house.  Anything that can moves, does.
- Drinking all his drinks from straw cups.
- Climbing down off of beds and couches: feet first!
- Riding in his new convertible carseat.
- Growing another tooth! (We're up to 3)
- Growing his vocabulary - (he has 3 words: "More" "Ball" and "Hi")


  1. He has really grown so much! I truly feel like just yesterday you were bringing him home!

  2. It's amazing how much they change in a year. The park birthday looks really sweet.