Monday, July 10, 2017

Mommy Mondays: Hey There, Hi There, Ho There, It's a Mickey Mouse Party!

The kids birthday parties are always my favorite thing to put together.  Which is why it's odd I haven't written about Thatbaby's second birthday party.

Confession - I thought I did.  Then I realized I hadn't.  June, man.  I told you it was busy.

So rewind 1 month.  Exactly.

Or a little farther back.  Back when we went to Disneyland in January and Thatbaby developed an obsession with Mickey Mouse.  So much so that he dragged a giant stuffed Mickey around the house everywhere he went.  So it made perfect sense to throw a Mickey themed birthday party.

We combined Thatbaby's love of Mickey with his love of something else - waffles.  We decided to capitalize on that and have a breakfast party, so we could serve his favorite food.

The main idea was a waffle bar.  With waffles on sticks to make them easier to eat, and dip.  Along with berries, bananas, chocolate chips, and two kinds of syrup.  And breakfast meats.  Because everyone loves bacon.

I mentioned dipping the waffles, because on the other side of the table I featured something that was too cute not to include in a Mickey Mouse birthday party.  A fondue fountain!  Between you and I, I felt this might be a little much, but with a "NO GET IT!" from both Thatboy and L&O it became a very popular addition to our table.  And along with the waffles, there was plenty of fruit to dip in it.

And of course there was cake.  I used a lot of Thatbaby's stuffed Mickeys to decorate.  This is the one that started it all.

And this little guy guarded the drinks.  Mickey Mouse apple juice and waters.

I made a separate table featuring Thatbaby's yearly sign with his favorites and how much he's grown.  Just for reference, the kid was 2.5 inches taller and almost 5 lbs heavier than his older brother at this age.

Each guest went home with their very own Mickey Mouse and bubbles.

And there were Mickey party hats for all.

Thatbaby was in his element entertaining his friends and family.

And he loved having his very own bouncy house.  In fact, he now builds bouncy houses out of legos.  And pretends beds and moms are bouncy houses by jumping on them.

He even got to hang out in his room with his besties and check out the scene.  Like any good host.  If they're a Gatsby.

At his first birthday, Thatbaby couldn't be bothered with cake.  This year, he was ready for it.  He loved the singing, blew out the candle, and happily sat and ate.  Tell me again why we don't do the cake smash at the second birthday instead of the first?

It wasn't my most elaborate party, but it was fun for me to watch him enjoy himself so much.  To be around his friends and have all his favorite things in one place.

So until next time, See Ya Real Soon!


  1. Happy belated birthday to your son Kate! I love themed parties!

  2. There really aren't enough breakfast parties in this world! Such a fun theme!

  3. Sounds like a great party! You can't go wrong with the mouse. ;)