Monday, November 14, 2016

Mommy Mondays: 17 months

Weight: 26lbs 12oz (+ 18 lbs, 8 oz)
Height: 34"(+ 12.5")
Head: 18.8"

Sleep:  We're still all over the place.  Some nights no wakeups, some nights 4.  There's just no rhyme and reason.  And we're still dealing with early wakeups.  Usually before 6am.  This lack of night sleeping is perhaps why he still really thrives on 2 naps a day, instead of just one.  He has a hard time hanging till after lunch.  Put him in the car for 3 minutes after 9am and you've got a sleeping baby on your hands.

Eating: This month we are all about "geps" (grapes) and "ah boo" (apples).  Except for some reason he just likes to chew on apples and then spit them out.  Faaaaannntastic.  He also loves drinking out of  bottles and regular cups.  He signs water by touching his nose.

Best Moment: Halloween! He was just so into it.  So happy.  So confident and independent.  It showcased all his best qualities, and hearing him say "tih teh tee" (trick or treat) melted my heart.

Monthly Wisdom: Thatbrother was talking to me last week about how he's kind of bummed for me that I'll never have a daughter. Which is funny, because earlier that same week I was telling Thatboy how glad I am we have 2 boys.  I'm terribly close with Thatbrother - now.  But not so much when we were younger.  The way Thatkid always takes cares of his brother, includes him, wants to hug him and hang out with him just makes my heart sing.  I'm sure there are many benefits to having opposite sex children, but there are some pretty great ones related to same sex also. 

Goals for the Upcoming Month:
-  Somehow I've got to manage a visit from my mother in law while dealing with a non-sleeping baby who will have to share a room with me while she's here.  
- Thatbaby is fantastic with no, but has no words or signs for yes.  I'd really like him to be able to express yes.

Things Thatbaby is doing:
-  New words!  I think they may even be recognizable!  Kitty cat, belly button, grapes, eat, bye bye, ball, feet, eyes, Elle
- Animal sounds!  Woof for dog, mlow mlow for cat, open and closed mouth for fish
- He repeats noises that Thatkid makes. 
- Such a little dancer.  He mimics whatever dance moves you do.
- He loves a book called "if you're spooky and you know it" which is a Halloween twist on "If you're happy and you know it."  He claps his hands, stomps his feet, jumps up and down, dances, nods his hands, and tries to snap his fingers.
- He loves 5 little monkeys jumping on the bed.
- He's very into jumping.  He wants to jump in/on everything!  One of these days his feet may actually leave the ground.
- We refer to all his stuffed animals as his babies.  And he will give them kisses, hugs, and rock them.
 - He LOVES clothes and shoes.  Just like his brother.  He wants to be wearing shoes all the time.
- Speaking of shoes, he is officially in hard soled shoes.  Not by choice, but because he no longer fits in 24 month shoes and they don't make soft soles larger than that.


  1. That Steaz headband looks way cooler on him than it did one me. ;) He's adorable!!!

  2. He grew up so much!!! Amazing! My son was a bad sleeper too! I suffered a lot!

  3. THAT Halloween outfit is EVERYTHING. EVERYTHING I tell you!!!