Sunday, July 24, 2016

Sunday Runday: Running belt and a giveaway

6 years ago I picked up a Spibelt running belt at a race expo.  Since most of my running pants don't have pockets, I needed something to hold my ID, emergency funds, phone, and keys. 
I loved that it didn't bounce when I ran, and that it fit everything, and that it lasted for 6 years!  But I didn't love the fact that it took on kind of a bulky awkward shape when crammed to the gills.  So I thought this would be a good opportunity to try something new.

I contacted SDMom to ask about her favorite running belt.  She gets sent a bunch of different ones to review, so I thought she would be a great resource.  She told me her favorite was the SLS3 running belt, so I ran right out and got one.
This is a prime example of how not all things work for all people.  Because while SDMom loved this running belt, I hated it.  It never stayed in place and usually ends up right under my bra line, stopped in its journey north only by larger geographical impediments.

Luckily, Thatboy had already got a replacement for me, wrapped and waiting for mother's day. HipsSisters is a very different belt that the above two running belts.  Instead of being a small pouch on an elastic band, the entire belt is a pouch.  A large piece of stretchy fabric with two zippered pockets and one smaller pocket which opens to the top. 

Because of the design, it almost functions as a second top of my pants.  It doesn't ride up, it doesn't get bulky.  In fact, because it lies flat against my pants, most of the time you would never even know I was wearing it.  But like most things, experience is the best way to determine if it's for you.  So I'm giving away a HipsSister running belt to one of you!    Like all my giveaways this one will run until next week, so enter now and happy running!

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