Monday, February 04, 2013

Mommy Mondays: 16 Months

(Leftover from 15 months)
Weight: 24lbs 8oz (+ 17 lbs, 1 oz)
Height: 32" (+ 12")
Head: 18.75" (+ 5.45")

Sleep:  Sleep remains pretty much the same.  When he's not sick or teething he'll sleep through, but we've had a lot of sick and teething nights.  The nice thing is that even when he has been waking, it's only been one time.  He's been taking some really long naps at daycare lately (2.5-3 hours), but on the weekends we're still trying to stretch those napes to 2 hours.  Have I mentioned that daycare is magical?

Eating: Thatbaby has mastered the spoon!  We have yogurt for breakfast and every morning he happily sits and feeds himself his yogurt.  He also is finally over his "no meat" phase.  He's back to eating just about everything again (except green leafy vegetables.  He picks anything non-lettuce like out of his salads and leaves the leaves)

Best Moment: Thatbaby going sledding!  He really is turning into such a boy - he spends his weekend mornings "surfing" on our bed, he loves Thatboy's skateboard, and he loves going down hills in the sled or his little cars.  Hearing his little giggle and giant smile while cruising down the hills is totally amazing.

Monthly Wisdom: This month I want to remind you about development.  And that each child develops at their own speed, concentrating on different areas first.  I love the fact that Thatbaby's daycare class is predominately babies born in October - so I get to see the wide range of development first hand. It's easy to see that with teeth - something we all accept happens at different times.  So try to think of everything like teething.  Some children will get teeth (crawl, walk, talk, read) very early, and others will start teething (crawling, walking, talking, reading) late.  But they all do it eventually!  There are very few children in high school without teeth!

Goals for the Upcoming Month:
- Still the babysitter.  Seriously, when am I going to get my stuff together!  At this point, it's kind of a joke, right?

Things Thatbaby is doing:
- We've got some more new words: Bottle, help, hat, and hot, and star.
- Another new tooth, bringing our total up to 10!
- Thatbaby's newest sign is "help" which he does as he says the word, proving that sign language doesn't necessarily impede language.
- Yoga.  Thatboy and I had joked that Thatbaby had been doing what looked like downward dog for a while.  And then I read his daycare report one day that said he enjoyed yoga that day, so I spoke with his teacher.  She confirmed that she had been working on Thatbaby's class at practicing yoga and Thatbaby was loving every minute of it.  He can do downward dog, tree, frog, cobra, and happy baby!  Thatboy loves it, because Thatbaby has become a much better "bed surfer" since Thatboy can tell him to go from "cobra" to "tree" and stand up on the board on his own.
- Slides - Thatbaby goes down the daycare slide all on his own!  He still likes a hand to hold on non-daycare slides, but it's a start!
-  Stairs - Thatbaby has been pretty good at crawling up stairs for a while, but he's now starting to walk down stairs on his own, by holding on to a banister.  We still help out or carry for tall/long flights of stairs, but on short ones, like on climbing structures, we let him at it all by himself.  He gets such a look of pride doing it on his own.


  1. 16 months already! Time files so quickly :D

  2. I feel like I say this every month but I just can't believe how much he's grown and how many milestones he's passed!