Monday, July 30, 2012

Mommy Mondays: A Room with a View

I realize I posted a nursery tour on my pregnancy blog, but not on this one.  So here's a little tour of Thatbaby's home.

It started with this:

A painting I had picked up about 2 years ago at an Art Festival.  I love this picture, from a series entitled "Little Buddies."  It used to hang in our living room, but it just seems so perfect for a baby's room.  Especially a first baby's room since it has a mommy bird, daddy bird, and baby bird.  Once we knew we were expecting, we went back to the artist and purchased a couple more prints from the series to hang on the wall.  
From there, the plan was to use the colors in the painting for the rest of the room.  Red/Blue/Orange and Green sheets and accessories.  But then I found this bedding:

And it seemed so perfect.  It used a lot of the colors from the painting - subbing in yellow for the red, but still keeping neutral.  I removed the bumper and quilt once Thatbaby became a resident, leaving a sheet covered in orange, green, yellow and blue leaves.  Finding the sheet set led us to our next nursery inspiration:

A tree wall decal!  We had to compromise a bit on this.  Thatboy wanted something really realistic, and I wanted something rounder/more cartoony.  This fell a little in the middle and we got to pick all the colors.  So we used the three main colors in the sheets - blue, orange, and green, and used them to match green leaves and blue and orange birds.  (There are some blue and orange squirrels at the base of the tree too that didn't get captured in this photo)
By this point, we had officially embraced the "bird" theme.  And my similarly themed shower had different birdhouses as centerpieces.  I was urged to take them home with me and we decided to add them to the room as decor.

And for the remainder of the tour......
There's my "nursing corner."

There was a period of time I lived in this chair.  With all the frequent nursing sessions in the beginning it was important for me to find something that was comfortable.  And this chair is comfortable enough to sleep in.  I know, because I have...often.  It's a glider and the ottoman also glides.  I can't imagine my life without it. We come in here for Thatbaby's naps, and it's where both Thatboy and I get him ready for bed.  Thatboy does storytime and bottles here, I do nursing and bedtime songs.
And the "changing station."

The top drawer of the dresser holds diapers, wipes, extra burp cloths, diaper cream, an extra changing pad cover and refills for the diaper genie.  The middle drawer has bibs, socks, caps, pants and some gorgeous sweaters made for this baby.  The bottom drawer holds sheets and sleep sacks - bedtime stuff.
I also decided that it's been a while since I've done a giveaway, and since these posts are my way of being helpful, I'll thought I'd start including some giveaways on Mommy Mondays.  I can't promise one every Monday, but we'll see how it goes.  For my first giveaway, I'm doing the Baby Led Weaning Book.  So if you're interested in learning more about it, since I think it's a great resource, just leave a comment here.  The giveaway ends next Saturday night at midnight and I'll contact the winner by next Monday.


  1. I love the bird theme! We didn't really do a theme. I bought a bumper (that I had to remove, of course) that was blue and brown (and had turtles). I really liked monkeys, so that is featured somewhere in the room.

    I love love love your chair and ottoman. Looks way comfier than my rocking chair!!

  2. Good to know what is in the dresser drawers. So far we've got the crib and dresser, ordered the glider, and have a good supply of clothes etc. that my 9 month old nephew has grown out of (good timing!), so at some point I have to figure out where everything goes . . .

  3. I love that painting! Ellie's room needs serious work now that we're in a new place

  4. Oh I love it. The tree is just beautiful!

  5. Where did you find your comfy chair? It seems like finding a good chair is the hardest part!

    1. I'm a big fan of the "Best Chairs Storytime Series." They're expensive, but you can find some good deals. We opted to get one through JC Penny, because we could get it delivered, so we wouldn't have to transport it. And then we could use the free shipping and other discount coupons.

  6. My brother has that tree wall decal in his apartment! Maybe I'll steal it off his walls when I have a baby.