Thursday, February 02, 2012

Strong to the Finish

If I had to pick my favorite vegetable, it would definitely be spinach.  I love it raw, I love it cooked.  I love the bitter bite paired with sweet butter and garlic.  I like it paired with tart apples and pungent blue cheese.  I love it mixed it with eggs and salty feta.

Spinach for me is one of those perfect side dishes that goes equally well with pasta as it does with a nice steak. But I also find that it pairs well with so many ingredients it can be tossed into just about any recipe.

If you've ever made a recipe with spinach you've probably noticed that most recipes call for frozen spinach, thawed and drained.  But it's just as easy (and usually cheaper) to cook your own.  Spinach cooks so very quickly and needs no other ingredients other than the water you use to wash it.

Steamed Spinach
1 lb spinach
salt and pepper
  1. Wash spinach leaves and while they still have the water on them, place them in a skillet.
  2. Cover and cook over low heat about 2 minutes.
  3. If serving, toss with butter, salt and pepper.  If using in a dish, cool and squeeze out excess moisture before chopping and adding to dish.

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  1. Spinach is one of the veggies I get strong and intense cravings for from time to time. I usually prepare it this way and top it with an egg!