Monday, November 08, 2010

Scarily Late

On Sunday night I watched the annual Simpson's Treehouse of Horrors and thought - "Man it is SO anticlimatic to be watching this a week after Halloween." And then I realized I still hadn't blogged about our Halloween adventures. Guilty!

October is always busy busy busy at Thathouse. First, there's all the preparation. Weekends spent searching for costumes, planning treats, and hunting for the perfect pumpkin. I think we visit a different patch every year. Thatboy especially liked this one because we got to go right out into the patch to pick our pumpkins.

I don't think this pumpkin patch was Thatdog's favorite. Mostly because I don't think he appreciated having to pose in every "photo op" cutout they had.

Or the creepy goats that wouldn't keep their eyes off him.

But honestly, Thatdog's happy any time he can leave the house. Even if it does mean being subject to unbearable picture torture.

All those pumpkins can mean only one thing - PUMPKIN CARVING! Prez and H came over to join in the fun after Prez commented that I haven't had my annual pumpkin carving party since back in law school. And our pumpkins all came out phenomenally whether we were going for fun or scary.

And of course, what would Halloween be without the treats? Our coworkers got spooky scary spiders:

And I made chocolate covered oreos to bring to the Halloween party we went to.

Except, halfway to the party, I realized I'd left all 50 of them at home. So Thatboy came up with a brilliant solution to bring them in to work. Except he didn't. Instead, he ate them ALL. (He finished the last one tonight, so it wasn't like he ate them in all one sitting, but STILL.)

And now I leave with you my boys in their Halloween costumes. Such cuties, and obviously they both REALLY wanted to be photographed.

Happy Belated Halloween!


  1. I can't believe you got ThatDog to dress up and to pose. That is impressive.

    You guys are insane pumpkin carvers. Love it.

  2. Thatdog is such a good sport.