Sunday, December 13, 2009

The last baby of 2009

On Friday, December 4, we welcomed Trois into the world. Trois is the third (and last) child of my friend Myrtle. Myrtle claims that Trois was the easiest of her three deliveries, by now she's a pro at this thing. I was thrilled that Trois arrived so early in December because it meant Thatboy and I could meet before our holiday travels.

I'd love to say Trois was delighted to meet us, but she seemed a little underwhelmed by the whole situation. Mostly she did a lot of sleeping. And cuddling with Thatboy. But who can blame her - wouldn't you like to cuddle with Thatboy?

Myrtle on the other hand was wide awake, and looking unbelievably gorgeous. She's been doing a lot of resting though and has some help from the family in dealing with her other two children, both of whom are in love with their new baby sister.

We brought over some food to help the family along, including some groceries Myrtle was running low on. Who would have thought someone could be so grateful for blueberries! And of course we had to bring presents for Un and Deux! (And maybe some alcoholic enjoyment for Myrtle and her husband)

Add ImagePoppyseed Chicken (renamed "Un's Chicken with Ants"
...because there's nothing 5 year old boys like better than bugs. Except pirates of course)

Lentil Soup (or "Deux's Melted Crayon Soup")

Italian Wedding Soup (or Trois's Baby Meatball Soup)

Roast Chicken with aspargus and roasted potatoes (or Myrtle's Wee-licious Roasted Chicken)

Corn Bread (or Wonderland Bread)

Mr. Myrtle's Baby-Q Pulled Pork

And of course, Friday marked the first night of Channukah.

We spent the first night with Thatmom, Thatbrother, and UDubb sharing a dinner and exchanging gifts. It turned into the Thatgirl show since everyone wanted to shower me with gifts. YAY me!

We spent the second night with Thatmom, seeing a movie and having a dinner out.

Tonight we were back home in Thathouse, sharing gifts and eating latkes. We're just sooo predictable this time of year.

And our finished Christmas tree - presents and all:

Happy Channukah to all those who celebrate!


  1. Happy Channukah to you too. You are indeed a good friend, making all the wonderful food for them.....

  2. We just got our tree tonight - and finally got our menorah out for night #3 --- we always enjoy putting our dreidle ornaments on our christmas tree :)

  3. Love the chicken with ants and melted crayon soup ideas! I'm totally going to use that when Logan is 5. Haha!

  4. Happy Channukah! Wow you really know how to shower those new mommies with some good food. Love the new and creative names you gave them! Have a great week!

  5. I missed wishing you for Hanukkah. Just call me latka brain. Do you always light your candles from left to right?

  6. Did you make all of that food for your friend? Wow -- what a good friend you are. Trois looks so tiny being held by Thatboy.

  7. i love that first picture - i grinned so hard when i saw it!

    happy belated hanukkah to you :)