Monday, July 25, 2005

"Who is Karl Splatz anyway?"

You may have noticed I have been spending a lot of time with this Beth character. I believe it is time for an update of what we know about Beth. Beth hates: walking, swimming, anything active, museums, buffets, Chinese food, European food, castles, history, tours, trains, private compartments in trains, traveling, peppers, mayonaise, any music that isn´t country, art, theater, opera, ... I´m sure I´ll think of more later. Honestly, this girl is getting on my last nerve! She nonstop complains about everything is generally so negative you want to push her in the Danube...with weights on her feet. I´m not quite sure why she came to Europe...but its not the place for her.
So I went off by myself yesterday which was a million times nicer and from now on THE way to go. I went to the KunstHalle Wien which was super cool because one of the exhibits was Theater of the Impossible with a whole room dedicated to Tadieuz Kantor! While this may not be exciting to you, some of us had to study this guy in class and it was cool seeing the things I studied and knowing that this must me a real respected guy and not some loony. There were all these exhibitions made by artists in Vienna so it was neat to see how the contemporary artist views his home. Then I went for a walk to Sigmund Freud´s apartment. It was neat...but tiny!!!! I guess people were smaller back then.....50 years ago...... I went back to my room to do reading and got a surprise visit from Jocelyn who invited me to another heuringer with them. SO we the rain...and it was really a small local place, we were the only Americans there. And we sat drinking our wine while an accordian and guitar player serendaded us in the arbor. Not a bad day at all.

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  1. OK, so leave it to me to feel the need to comment on the "catty and mean" entry. Although, I would also characterize it as cleverly descriptive and amusing. Hey, sometimes you gotta vent. It's healthy. Snaps to Kate. Anyway, your "study abroad" sounds like a blast, and more like a vacay than anything. But of course, not as exciting as oral argument and expert witnesses. No siree. OK, have fun, see ya soon, and I'll try my best not to trash your apartment before you return. =) Auds