Monday, August 17, 2015

Mommy Mondays: Proving the Wives Tales Wrong

Since we didn't find out Thatbaby's sex before he was born,  we were in for quite the surprise when he was born.

Both Thatboy and I were pretty sure "he" was a "she" the whole time I was pregnant.  And most of my friends felt the same way.  In fact,  almost all of the old wives tales pointed to "girl. " Which just goes to show how wrong those wives tales are!  The only thing that can predict the sex of your child is really a penis,  or lack thereof.

* Chinese gender chart - Based on my age at conception, and the month I conceived in, the chart predicted I'd be giving birth to a little baby girl.

*Heartrate - The baby's heartrate is supposed to predict the sex.  Under 140 is a boy,  over 140 is a girl.  This one I felt had some backing, because Thatkid's heartrate was always under 140. Thatbaby's heartrate was almost always 160-180. So if course he was a girl.  Except he wasn't.

*Dreams - According to the physician's assistant, you dream about the sex you're going to have.  All my dreams had a little girl.

*Acne - my skin was gorgeous when I was pregnant with Thatkid. When I was pregnant with Thatbaby, I was a broken out mess.  They say girls steal your beauty.  Apparently boys do too.

*Carrying/weight distribution - This was my only sign pointing to "boy" and why most strangers thought I was having a boy.  With both my guys I gained weight only in my stomach,  which is what they say with boys.  With girls you are said to gain everywhere.

*Cravings: sweets = girl. Salty and sour = boy.  This could have gone either way, since I really didn't have cravings.  But I did eat an equal share of salads and milkshakes.

*Morning Sickness -  If you experience morning sickness, especially during the first trimester, it indicates you're having a girl.. If you sail through the pregnancy with nary an upset stomach, it's  a boy. With Thatkid I didn't have any morning sickness, so it held true.  With Thatbaby I had morning sickness all the way into second trimester.  Still not a girl.

*Names - They say if you're having a hard time with coming up with a name for a particular sex, you're probably having the opposite sex.  So not true!  We had tons of girl names, but could not come up with a boy name.  It took us 37 weeks to come up with a name for Thatbaby.

*Instinct - I didn't have a gut feeling with Thatkid, but this time around I instinctively referred to the baby as "she" and offered called her "baby girl."  I joke that he came late because he was so upset I kept referring him to as a girl.


  1. Those old wives' tales!! It's definitely funny how very wrong they can be sometimes.

  2. That is interesting! My friend is literally having a baby right now. I am patiently waiting for a text to find out what she is having so I am curious to see if any of these hold up. A lot of people have referred to it as a girl, but she said she dreamed it was a boy and she refers to it as he. This is her first though.