Monday, September 16, 2013

Mommy Mondays: What We're Eating

I feel like at a certain point a lot of mothers hit a stage where they're like "now what?"  when it comes to food.  Most of us worry that our meals might be boring our little ones.  This is especially true when it comes to toddlers, who are notoriously picky to begin with.

I tend not to worry too much about my toddler getting bored with meal options though.  After all, this is the kid who would eat blueberries exclusively for weeks on end.  And the child who asked for cereal for breakfast and lunch this past Saturday.

All that being said, here's a little breakdown of some things we use for breakfast/lunch/dinner if you want to switch it up again.

Cereal -  the number one choice right now.  He asks for it every morning.  I usually give him his own bowl, and then he shares Thatboy's cereal also.  We've been doing a lot of corn flakes and oatmeal flakes lately, although he also loves cheerios and granola.  (Trader Joes makes an almond granola we both really like)

Oatmeal - I do hot oatmeal in the winter, but this summer we've been doing "cold oatmeal" or overnight oats.  Mix milk, oatmeal, peanut butter, and mashed banana in a bowl and let sit overnight in the fridge. In the morning, you have breakfast!  This is also a great idea for little ones who are just learning how to work a spoon, as it's nice and thick, and if they drop it there's no chance of it burning them.

Breakfast Cookies - Another make ahead of time breakfast.  "Cookies" made of oatmeal, nut butter, and almond meal.  No added sugar, so they're high in protein and you don't have to feel too guilty about eating them.  I add chocolate chips, so I do feel a little guilty.

Smoothies -  Thatbaby loves these.  I make them as "natural" and sugar-free as possible, so I don't feel bad about giving them to him daily.  I mix milk, frozen fruit, half a banana, and a handful of spinach in the blender.  The frozen fruit makes it cold and slushy and doesn't water it down like ice would.

Sandwiches - I do both wraps or traditional sandwiches.  Thatbaby's class is nut-free, so for the past week I've been subbing in sunflower seed butter in his pb&js and he loves it!  I will also do turkey sandwiches/wraps, or veggie sandwiches wraps with hummus or roasted veggies.

Pasta - macaroni and cheese, ravioli, pasta with marinara and/or pesto

Breakfast for lunch - Thatbaby's classroom is egg-free, so breakfast for lunch is usually oatmeal, bagels, or pancakes.

And I always throw in some fruits like apples, watermelon, grapes, oranges, or whatever else is seasonal, vegetables like tomatoes, cucumbers, green beans, or broccoli.  And snacks like pretzels or raisins.

Most of you probably have a pretty good idea about these since most get posted on the blog.  Thatbaby eats the same thing we eat.  So he eats tamales, pizza, tacos, pork, chicken, etc.


  1. I love that Thatbaby eats what you eat. We do the same thing with our little guy - he loves it!

    He has never met a pulled pork sandwich he didn't like... lol.

  2. i love that you guys don't make special dinners for ThatBaby! As it should be.

  3. Yes! We plan on feeding Lucy the same things we eat too. So good! Thank you for sharing your menu ideas. Love the breakfast cookies!