Sunday, July 13, 2008

There's an oh such a hungry yearning burning inside of me

Green Bean Casserole, take 2!

We're on our way to a lighter green bean casserole. I decided to cut out the cream of mushroom soup in this one. I tried to figure out "what makes cream of mushroom soup" and I decided it was a thick, salty, mushroomy, creamy mixture. So I used each of those ingredients.

For the creamy part I used skim milk (1/2 cup)
For the mushroomy part I used mushrooms (why yes, I AM a genius - I used about 1/2 an 8 oz pkg, sliced and sauteed)
For the salt I used soy sauce (I also thought this would give it a little more flavor. I was so right. See "I AM a genius" - I used just about a Tablespoon)
For the thickness I just used a little bit of flour (Tablespoon).

So basically you combine all those ingredients together to create a kind of sauce and use that instead of the cream of mushroom soup in the original recipe. Because this sauce is more liquidy than the cream of mushroom soup, you can cut out the milk from the recipe.

The result? It's a little drier than the original recipe, but I kinda liked that. It made the onions crunchier. I think I still want to tweak it a bit, but for right now I like this so much better, and it's definitely lighter!


  1. Ooohhhhh, this looks so warm and comforting. Right now, I am freezing! It is 1 degree at the moment.

  2. I dig it. I've recently been trying to figure out how to make sauces and things on my own instead of buying the. I have not been successful but I'm happy you have!

  3. i love that casserole enough that i'd be willing to give the lighter version a whirl :)

  4. that sounds really yummy. i like the homemade mushroom sauce part!