Monday, July 04, 2005

You gotta have friends

So this entry is about the people I´ve met so far. I´m not going to start at the beginning, but I will note I seem to be a crazy-person magnet. That being said I have met some really nice people here.

Ruth: Ruth has lived on my floor for 6 years now. She apparently likes it here. I think she grew up in Italy, but she definitley has a german accent when she speaks. She speaks english very well and is just the nicest person. We´re going to be jogging buddies. She´s getting her phd in genetics. Her favorite drink is Campari and orange juice. I think of her as my Austrian guidebook.

Lydia: I think Lydia might be a little crazy (last night at 11 pm she decided she wanted to go rollerblading....) She´s from Bosnia and has 1 1/2 years left before she gets her degree in translation. She´s learning English and loves me because she can understand everything I say. She loves cartoons and Bollywood and her favorite drink is this think strawberry vodka. Both Lydia and Ruth are catty and favorite qualities in friends.

Kevin: Kevin is from Iowa and according to Ruth "met Linda, they became 'good friends' and he has been living here for 6 months". He´s not overly friendly and Lydia and Ruth can´t understand a word he says. I only met him once, but giving him the benefit of the doubt...he is NOT a morning person. That being said, he leaves this week.

Jocelyn: Jocelyn is also living in Haus Doebling, but not on my floor. She´s doing the Wake Forest Program with me and is the only other American who´s not from Wake Forest. She´s lived in North Carolina her entire life and attends law school at UNC (I didn´t even know they had a law school, but apparently its way higher ranked than mine - suspicious). She´s sweet and nice and its nice having someone to commute with. She also seems to have similar fears as I do as she almost called off her trip too (Maybe everyone goes through that "what the hell am I doing" train of thought). Her favorite drink is a gin and tonic.

Brian and Karen: So far they have to be combined. Kinda "close knit" like that. Jocelyn and I think there´s nothing between them but Karen wouldn´t mind if there was.....They are both Wake Forest Students.

Charissa: Probably the nicest Wake Forest student I have met so far. She´s kinda quiet but very sweet. Right away she included Jocelyn and I in her group.

Jerry: REEEALLY tall Wake Forest student. he has a great sense of humor and is a part of the aforementioned group which continues with the next entry.

Gary: Honestly, if Jack McFarland were raised in Tampa and then went to law school, that would be Gary. He lived in NY for 2 years teaching and his greatest regret is that he did not get to see "Nude boys Singing" off broadway because he didn´t want to be "that guy" sitting in the front row or "that guy" in the back row with binoculars. Disneyworld is his favorite place on earth adn he´s amayed when he travels at how much everything looks like Disney!

Ryan: Wake Forest Student from Northern CA who went to Tufts undergrad....and all that entails. He reminds me of Judd Nelson in the Breakfast club. According to the group above he went to Nice and then stayed there....they think maybe he was ditched. I guess he´s not the most popular fellow in the class, but he certainly has a lot to say.

Patrick and Tom: My apologies to both these guys, but I met them at the same time and I don´t remember which is which. They both moved onto my floor yesterday. One (I think Patrick) is a Canadian medical student interning at a hospital this summer and the other (Tom) is a Polish electrical engineering student......and that´s pretty much it for them cause they didn´t want to stay up and talk with us.

Beth: Wake Forest Student who had almost the same flight problems as me, but getting to Vienna. She got here a day later than she was supposed to. She seems very nice though and I know I´ll be getting to know her better on the trip now that she´s slept.

Brian: Apparently he had flight problems too, got in last night and his luggage has yet to arrive. Poor Brian, I know how he feels. He´s living in Doebling too, so Jocelyn adn I will commute with him.

Kristi: Part of the cliquey clique of Wake Forest students so I don´t know her real well, but she did introduce herself so I do know her name.

Laney: See above

Daniella: Finishing her 4th year of law school at the University of Vienna. She is a Slovakian Jew from Bratislava. Her English is perfect and she couldn´t be nicer. I think she likes us Americans because she hung out with us all day. Poor Daniella has never been to America though everyone in her family has.

There are a host of other Wake Forest Students who I haven´t met yet because they are part of the cliquey clique, but I know how those circles get, especially since they´re all living in a one room apartment, so when they all start hating each other, they´ll be tripping over themselves to get to know me...who wouldn´t right?

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