Thursday, July 21, 2005

Yesterday we went and met with the Vienna bar association and went to a Vienna law firm. Basically we moved from one board room to the next. I guess "tours" mean something different in Austria. Not much was really learned except that a medium size law firm in Vienna means 4-5 lawyers and there is no lawyer under 30 becuase after getting their degree they must intern/work for 10 years before they can take the bar. Crazy. I guess I´m lucky!!!!!

I also learned that red bull is an Austrian corporation. Who´d have guessed???

I basically just walked around the city again today, although I didn´t have as much time as I would have liked becuase we had so much reading and yes, (pat on the back appropriate) I read it (well most of it). Met up for my second piece of Sacher Torte on this trip (which really means bites 5-8 becuase the thing is so rich). The Hotel Sacher for sure has the best torte. It´s a chocolate cake with choclate frosting and apricot jam between the layers. Yummy. I´ll bring some home.

Went to a bar last night which was fun, but it was in the GHE-TO. Across from a gay erotic shop. yummy. Anyway I called it an early night becuase today we are off to Salzburg and then Munich. Should be fun, it´s my first and last group outing. I´ll let you know how it goes on Monday. Till then!

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