Wednesday, July 27, 2005

"Kill me, I paid $1200 for this." - Jerry

Today in class we were put into groups so we could perform a skit about what happens when you go to the doctor in different countries. I guess this is the "comparative health law" I signed up for. Except it definitly turned into "who could spend the shortest time on the project and throw in a comment about kidneystones or herpes". Yeah....these Wake kids are kinda.....immature. Not that doing a skit really upped your maturity level any. We´re not in 4th grade!!! At least everyone was there today which was a major change. After class I grabbed lunch with Brian and Karen and then Karen took me to where she got her hair cut so I could make an appointment for a real live European haircut! Details tomorrow.

Then I went to Zentral Friedhof (Central Cemetary). I visited the graves of Beethoven, Brahms, Schubert, Strauss...exciting. The place is HUGE. I don´t think I´ve ever seen that many graves in my life. And its gorgeous! Trees, flowers, and instead of headstones, most graves have statuary (I spent a long time on spelling on that and it still looks wrong...I mean there were statutes instead of headstones)which is incredible. It didn´t feel creepy at all. More like a park. Honestly I wouldn´t mind living next to a beautiful place like that...except I am superstitous, and that would put me right near where the vampires maybe I should draw the line at daytime visits. Visiting the cemetary gave me an idea though. I think people who are contemplating suicide should visit cemetaries. It really makes you appriciate life. Becuase as beautiful as they are they´re awful lonely and since I think most people who are suicidal feel alone in the world anyway they would see its not much better when your dead. And its definitely an end to your problems, but its an end to everything and when you see these rows and rows of graves it forces you to see that its really just an ending place. It´s nice to pass through, but you wouldn´t want to stay forever. Sorry about the rambling, but I was alone thinking a lot today.

After the cemetary I went to a little inn and had the famous tafelspitz for dinner. It´s boiled beef served with potatoes and what I can only guess is applesauce with horseradish mixed in (I put it on the beef cause I think that´s what you´re supposed to do). So I think I have now officially had every Vienese specialty. My favorite is Weiner Schnitzel, but honestly I´m sure there is nothing worse for your arteries/waistline/cholestoral than fried pork so I don´t think it will become a regular staple in the household.

The rest of the night was spent catching up on reading and taking notes (I know - BIG TIME NERD) so I can turn my book in tomorrow. Yup no test till September and I turn my book in prof. At least it will be an early bedtime for me!

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