Thursday, July 28, 2005

"The guy was so scary I almost crawled into bed with Jerry"

Well I had my first and probably last European haircut. I´ll divide it into 2 parts, the good and the bad.....
Good: My hair looks good
I have no more split ends
2 words: Scalp Massage
free coffee and water!!!! (Free water is the biggest thing- you can´t get free water anywhere, or if you can it´s supppper tiny adn warm - more on that later)
Costs the same as back home

Bad: She really didn´t want to go as short as I wanted to go, so most of you will be unable to tell I got a hair cut at all, which is fine for those of you who like my long hair - it´s still long. But really...what´s the point of getting a hair cut if you have to tell someone you got a hair cut.
Costs the same as back home
Had to go with Beth. Okay this is kinda funny and totally mean but I swear the guy took half an inch of hair off and then blew it dry so the ends flipped out instead of under and Beth F-L-I-P-P-E-D because 1) It was sooooooooooo short and 2) She would never be able to make it look that way herself and 3) She´s never spent more than $15 on a haircut before.........

After the haircut we met up with Jerry and Professor funtime and went to the Narrenturm. (Narren= crazy Turm= Tower). It was the first mental hospital in Europe built by Emperor Fraz Joseph in the 17/1800s. It´s completely circular and windows were only added during one especially cold winter becuase the cold air would be good for the crazy people. Honestly, if I was only a little crazy when I went in (Like now) I would be super crazy after staying there a short while. Now the tower is filled with research labs I think..... definitely not crazy people (well no one certifiable though the staff is a little gung ho about their jobs) and one of the floors has been turned into a kind of Ripley´s believe it or not of medical oddities. There´s a whole room of lungs in bottles- so now I have seen first hand what TB looks like and how they used to fill the cavities in the lung with wax - yummy. There are giants bones, and siamese twin skeletons and a portrait of a man with 2 penises who went around charging people to look (and after all if you had 2 penises wouldn´t you want to show everyone?). They even had the skin of a girl with fish skin disease which is where your skin gets so hard that instead of flaking off it cracks giving you slices all over your body like gills. Gross. Basically I got to see all these problems I can only hope my children will never have so i won´t have to trade them in.

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